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Help a newbie out! Inspiration

ThatCurlyGirl · 25/07/2019 21:35

I know this is a lot to ask BUT following an accident 18 months ago I've been recouperatoing (sedentary) and having operations, bedrest etc.

The unfortunate result is that I've put on a stone and a half. I know of course I am not big but I do not feel myself at all the weight I am now. And because of the way my weight settles all the clothes I love are tailored around making the most of a flat tummy, which I've always had until now!

I appreciate I'll never get totally back to how I was but I'm now 10.10 and have always been really comfortable around 9.4.

I've previously had anorexia and dipped (as an adult) below 7 stone so I'm really pleased that my happy goal weight is a healthy oneSmile

please please don't think this is a goady post - losing your identity after brain damage is terrifying and slows down the process of accepting your new life - I'm finding this very tough and of course having counselling in tandem with this and they are fully aware of my weight loss plan.

Now I'm able to use both arms again I can make (simple) meals as long as they don't involve too much muscle power eg kneading bread.

Im aiming for around 1300 calories a day (as I'm still pretty sedentary) and Doctor is happy with this, will review each month.

If you have any lunch or dinner or snacks that fit the bill please please do share - I love the idea of feeling healthy and nourishing myself healthily again.

Sorry that was so long - any help appreciated!

Thanks ThanksThanksThanks

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