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Obese and lost 4lbs - celebrate your NSV?

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 21/07/2019 10:29

I'm very fat. Always have been since my ovaries kicked in - I have a diagnosis of PCOS but never had treatment.

Losing weight is really hard. I have high BP and a collection of grunting noises, a remarkable ability to sweat and a desire to sit down.

I've been tRYING to lose weight since May, doing 16:8 fasting. Lost 10 lbs, life happened and I stopped trying. Still doing fasting, but drinking wine and not avoiding rubbish - I comfort eat and there's been a lot of family drama recently, genuinely difficult stuff to bear. Work is busy (brilliant, but, busy), kids are teens (brilliant, but, teens) and I was really tired after a long work trip, so lost my energy for going to the gym.

In the shower and noticed my arm looked funny. It had a weird dent, like a wrinkle. Poked it a bit and realised it was a bicep, hadn't seen that for a decade at least.

So, I weighed myself, and I have lost 4lbs in a month. Without thinking about it, I have lost weight. I have now thought about it, and realised that the 16:8 has changed the way I'm eating - I'm not perfect at it, but, I don't need to be - I just need to make small changes and stick to them.

I HATE weighing myself, if the number is good I celebrate by eating, if it is not, I console myself by eating. It's totally counterproductive. I have decided to jack the weekly weigh in, because maybe monthly, or less, is better for me.

4lbs is not much, and it's only the slightest shadow of a bicep, but, fuck me, I'm feeling fucking delighted with myself.

Do you have a non-scale-victory to share?

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PeriComoToes · 21/07/2019 18:16

Nice one viva!

I've been making a concerted effort in the last 3 weeks to walk more and with more purpose. Yesterday I walked up the hill that's opposite my house and I wasn't completely out of breath like I was 3 weeks ago. It was considerably easier. Felt surprised and pleased.

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