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Ditched the ex - motivation to lose weight is coming in buckets!

hummusavocado · 01/07/2019 10:23

I'm wondering if others feel like the burdens they carry in day to day life are symbolic of their weight.

e.g. partners, jobs, responsibilities, lack of ability to make changes?

I've just made some major changes around my ex-P. He's a lazy useless sod and sharing childcare has been very difficult to say the least. I've told him he can no longer stay in the spare room (all childcare is done at mine as his place is a pigsty) when he helps. So essentially he's no longer in my face 4-5 days every week or two.

This has enabled me to make huge shifts in my routine such as normalising our DD's bedtime routine, eating together at the table at a regular time, keeping house tidier and generally being free of my ex's difficult behaviour. Also found the motivation to start doing way more exercise.

I see ahead great things in terms of weight loss! I am feeling very motivated and wish I had had the confidence to do this sooner / realise the benefits.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with this kind of thing?

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