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Totally fed up with losing a few lbs,then putting them back on

wonderstuff123 · 25/06/2019 17:25

I'm utterly fed up. I'm 12st 7lb and 5ft 4. I want to lose about 2 stone and I carry it all on my tummy and face. I've been using MFP for the last 3 weeks,tracking my food at 1200 calories as well as following some low carb recipes in Lean for Life and also running for an hour 3xweek (training for a 10 km after doing a 5km last year). My goal is to work out 5xweek but I just haven't had the time recently but on my runs,Map my run is saying I'm burning approx 700 cals. I've also given up alcohol.

I've lost 3lbs over the last few week,which is a little annoying as MFP is set to lose 2lbs a week and I would have thought that,combined with my running, would get me 2 lbs a week. But I accepted 1lb a week was steady so was fine with it.

I came back from a weekend away in London for my birthday, didn't have a massive blowout but had a few drinks on Sat and had a pizza on Sun. When I left on Sat,I was 12st,5lb and when I got back on Mon,I was back to bloody 12st 7.

I'm just so fed up,what's the point in even trying to lose weight if I have a few days off exercise and eating really put back on 3lbs! We're going to be away pretty much for the whole of July on holidays and various weekends so I've got 2.5 weeks to try and get back on track before I go,but I'm really feeling there's no point as I won't be able to run 3x week on holiday and inevitably,I will have to go off plan for eating (we're travelling through 4 countries in 14 days so eating to plan won't be my main concern!)

Can anyone give me any hope or give me a (nice) kick up the arse to begin to get this weight off and for it to stay off?! Or do I need to resign myself that any good weight I might lose over the next 2.5 weeks will just go back on over July?

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Redpriestandmozart · 26/06/2019 08:44

Disclaimer, I don't always practice what I preach but mostly in situations like this I stick to damage limitation. So for the next 2.5 weeks drink lots of water, no alcohol, reduce carb intake, smaller portions, keep up your exercise. Then enjoy your holiday without going daft, knowing that on your return you will get back on plan.

After a splurge like this I then go on a month of absolutely no deviation, all that I've said above but I even bring lunches and food with me to any family even I am going (it helps I'm vegan so often do that anyway). That month I concentrate on knowing that I will see a difference in that time, there is no point in on off on off as that gets me nowhere but in a month I can lose up to a stone so it motivates me.

That is what works for me, I am sure others will give you better advice but for now I would do damage limitation.

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