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Lighter Life, others and the extremes.

BarryWilks · 18/06/2019 21:33

I am a 50 year old male who has been over weight most of mylife.

Now I am not drastically over-weight and was 18 stone 10lb at my highest.

I am 5ft 8.

Now when I met my wife 20 years ago I was 13 stone 10 and have been trying to get back there, without success.

Now 6 years ago I tried lighter life, and must admit I lost a stone quite quickly. But then, the disadvantage was, you had to go to get weighed and meet with a consultants every week. This meant me travelling 15 miles, which was ok - but then they closed and the nearest then was 34 miles away which was not feasible.

So a few months later I tried cambridge. The consultant came round to my house and weighed me weekly. They had a good choice of packs and found myself losing 3 stone over 3-4 months. It was great. I went on holiday and felt really good. I was not on the packs during holiday but was being mindful to the point that when I came back I was the same weight. Then the consultant finished for my area and there was no one else, so went back to comfort/normal eating, but trying to be good. Next it was my birthday. We all went out for a Chinese - Damn good food - I had missed. Start of downfall. Over the next 2 years I put 2 stone back on to around 17 stones 10+

So i couldn't buy lighter life and cambridge products online. So I tried exante, which I could. But did not like any of the packs and the taste of there products was so inferior to the other 2 (in my view). So I didnt last long on that. From then on everytime I went to town I would get mcdonalds or pannis or when i pick my son up from school would buys sweets and chocolate.

My wife had a simular issue though had a lot less weight to lose and was more mindful than me.

She had the gastic band 6 months earlier and was losing weight by it, so I thought I would take the plunge.

Now I have had this for 20 months. I lost over 18 pounds via it but hit a sticking point at 16 stone 3.

Gastic bands are excellent as they will not let you binge eat or cheat on fast foods like mcdonalds, pizza, chinese etc depensing on how tight the loop is (another story). But first class deterent.

Now I going to Barbados in a few weeks to my brother in law wedding.

I need to look my best and try and get back to my weight when I met my wife....2.5 stone away.

Now I noticed you vould buy lighter life online wthout going to the meetings. This was perfect as I didnt need the meetings as I felt already knew what I needed to know. Not so much choice of packs, but what they do have are all delicious.

I am now down to 15 stone at the time fo writing and hope to break into the 14s in the next 2 days.

I admit I still have my weaknesses - the odd bar of chocolate or glass of wine, but because of the band I am detered away from sandwiches and fast food, so find it doesnt knock me off target too much.

Sorry if I have waffled on, but feel I can answer alot of questions touching on the above.

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