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Enough is Enough! My binge eating cycle is getting me down...

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Bellyhangingover · 21/07/2007 12:39

I have been in a viscious cycle of binge eating and then dieting now for so long now.

I have always been either 15 stones or 11 stones. You would never believe that i actually run, a lot. I did london marathon this year but never lost anyweight cos i simply ate even more!

I have to stop this now, its really really getting me down. I was going to wait till monday but sod that, if im gonna do it, i mite as well do it now. So today ive just had a bowl of bran flakes and some OJ, 2 pints of water and im off out on a 6 miler.

My intention is to eat 3 meals a day, healthy snacks, and (time permitting) run four/five times a week, plus some weights for arms and some abz. Obviously i will allow myself treats occasionally, maybe some wine of a weekend but will compensate by lighter meals on that day... Thought Id start a thread so it helps hold me to it!!! Also to find out if anybody else is in a cycle like this...

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rey · 21/07/2007 16:42

You amaze me bellyhangingover! I should change my name to something more appropriate too. However, I am the same except for the fitness bit. Keep thinking I will have a heart attack if I try to exercise so I walk but then I eat and get so hungry after walking and I can't walk as much as I like so it goes in spurts which is no doubt as bad as my binge eating. GOOD LUCK to you , running, 6 miler, London marathon, I take my hat off to you! (How tall are you?)

Malfoynomore · 21/07/2007 16:47

Wish you all the best, but, by the sounds of it, you are now doing another diet...what you need to do is switch of diet mentality and deal with teh reasons for your bingeeating, etc...otherwise the cycle continoues, if you know what I mean.
I found Jason Vales Book really helpful, the Slim4Life one covers all the bases....also there are other books about overeating...aparently you cna find loads if you put in over eating into Amazons Searchengine....
don't want to get you on a's just I know teh cycle myself, and unless your mindset changes, it will never end, iykwim...
well done on teh exercises though..I do an hour a day (DVD's) and love it
Also, had to smile at your healthy snacks (time permitting) cokmment...surely nothing could be quicker and healthier then peeling a banana or washing an apple/pear or whatever...Fruit is the fastest snack around

Bellyhangingover · 22/07/2007 02:10

Thanks for ur comments guys... the exercise does sound grand but in reality, its like im trying to sabotage myself with my destructive eating habits...

rey, I am 5 ft 10, so when im 11 stones, i look pretty slim... but when i reach the 15 mark, i am very podgy!!!

Malfoy (is ur name a spoiler for the potter book?!? I still have to read the last two... lol) Yes i agree that i need to break the cycle, i posted this and then read other threads and realise a lot of ppl are in the same boat. Theres an interesting thread about a book called Beyond Chocolate... Will check out this Slim 4 life one tho (i will try and get a bargain off ebay) My time permitting comment was meant to go with my runs, I would do 7 times a week if i could...

OP posts:
Malfoynomore · 22/07/2007 11:07

doh, I can see that now...with teh time permitting...sometimes I am soooo blond.
I have the Chocoalte Buster Book by Jason Vale and don't need it anymore, be haappy to pass it on to you. It is also by Jason Vale, and it is good, but didn't work for me. But I suppose they can't work for everyone...

Malfoynomore · 22/07/2007 11:08

Oh and it's not a spoiler...just the harry potter theme name, my usual one being, I just kept the nomore part and Malfoy not being my favourite character, it sort of seemed a good idea

Bellyhangingover · 22/07/2007 23:28

Ok am with you now on the malfoy thing! Yes no more to him!

Yeah that would be great if you didn't mind sending on the book. I am a chocolate fiend... How wud we go about it? I could send you a decent sized SAE?

OP posts:
Bellyhangingover · 22/07/2007 23:31

Have stuck to my healthy eating for two days now by the way and did 7 miles yesterday and a recovery run today of 3 miles. Just taking one day at a time. The thing is when Im on a "diet" I always worry about whether i will be able to keep it up and resist temptation. And if i do that i will just go the whole hog and binge eat on all the forbidden foods. So i think one day at a time is the best policy. This is how I stopped smoking, many moons ago now...

OP posts:
Malfoynomore · 23/07/2007 14:34

SAE? Blond day!

e-mail me your addi on:
[email protected]

and I will send you the book.
And I know what you mean about completely avoiding "forbidden" foods...also am a ex-smoker...but for whatever reason it doesn't quite work that way for chocs and
Slim4life really does help in enabling from the food trap.

There is also another really good thread, the 10/10 one, you might like to join it...or the exercisebuddy thread...another good one...

Malfoynomore · 23/07/2007 14:36

" look here for 10/10"

Malfoynomore · 23/07/2007 16:20

and here for Exercisebuddy one

Bellyhangingover · 24/07/2007 23:29

Hiya Malofy, SAE = stamped address envelope... Have emailed you, thank you

Thanks for the links. Will have a gander shortly...

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