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A month to lose weight

skittycat · 10/02/2019 21:46

I’m just after a bit of opinion if I’m honest.

I am currently due an operation in one months time. The operation in question is to remove some metalwork which has limited my mobility for years and as a consequence of the limited mobility, an under active thyroid and a serious period of depression I am currently 23 stone.

I am aware that being heavier increases surgery risks & id like to lose a bit of weight before the surgery and to then be able to continue this afterwards when hopefully my mobility will improve.

I’m just basically after a bit of advice as to what amount of weight is feasible for someone to lose in a month with a starting weight so high. I don’t think it will make a lot of difference to my surgery risks but I need to start somewhere before I end up seriously damaging my health and my future.

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anotherwearytraveller · 10/02/2019 22:57

It’s great that you feel you want to make changes

Given you appreciate that a crash diet whilst likely to be the way to lose the most weight isn’t actually going to affect your surgery risk, I think of look at making less dramatic but lasting changes so you have a whole Lifestyle change that you can keep forever.

A mindset of wanting to nourish and support your body to be healthy and give you a long and fruitful life is key

Exercise because it feels good. Because it’s great to get out and be active, walk, see the world, feel the glow of a decent workout etc.

Eat to provide joy and share food and provide health but stop when you are full and look forward to the next meal but don’t try and prolong the current one beyond what you actually need.

Clean your teeth early after evening meal and don’t snack then. Go to bed if needs be.

See junk food as what it is- junk. It won’t make you feel good. Not even in the short term and def not in the long term.

Good luck OP!

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