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Lost inches but not pounds

MojoMoon · 03/02/2019 10:49

Bit curious to see if other people had this and when the numbers started to change

Been sticking very well to 1300 calories diet Monday to Friday since start of the month. doing a fancy delivery thing so it's all done for me - real food, mostly green veg, pulses and a small amount of wholegrain. Weekend are a bit more free but not crazy - I had some wine yesterday but ate a salmon and quinoa salad with no dressing, eggs, avocado on toast and some steamed dim sum and crispy tofu. So not been really going for it at the weekend.

I have lost an inch and a half around my belly button, three inches on bum and an inch on each arm.

But my scales tell me I've lost just 1.5lbs.....i weighed myself at start and finish of month but not on between and both times were straight after getting up and before eating or drinking anything.

So my jeans are noticeably looser and the tape measure confirms that. But even if I just lost water weight (which seems a bit harsh given I have stuck to a 1300 calorie diet) then to loose the inches, water would weigh more than that?
Been doing normal amount of exercise - walk 40 minutes a day to and from work, one personal trainer session a week, one yoga classes, some kettle bells and bodyweight exercises at home once or twice a week. That's not changed - only the diet has.

I mean, it's good to see the inches come off and I'm not planning to quit. But it just seems weird.
Currently 13.5, aiming for 10.5 - ideally by August but I'd take year end!

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Honeyroar · 10/02/2019 20:29

I was the same when I did no sugar a couple of years ago. I'm doing it again now. The weight did come off slowly, but the inches went first. I was just as happy about the inches. That's what people noticed - two dress sizes.

Stick at it, you're obviously doing something right,

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