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Small new habits to make your day better...

cinemalover · 26/01/2019 01:43

I've decided on a list of 'small things' to complete each day to make myself feel good/better myself.

I have a background of anorexia and binge eating and have recently gained over a stone in weight over the past 2 months, I'm going to lose it, but also try not to focus too much on it otherwise I'll make myself ill again!

Truth is, daily I feel like crap. Tired, unmotivated, unattractive etc. So I'm hoping these new changes will help!

  1. Go for a walk every morning.
    I take my BC pill @ 7am every morning then usually go back to bed if I can! Starting tomorrow I'm going to get out- rain or shine -and do my 30-40min power walk.

  2. Squats and crunches everyday, get it over and done with first thing after the walk.

  3. Drink things that are good for me, no more Diet Coke/alcohol/sweetened crap. Think tonnes of water, green juices when I can etc.

  4. Stop the self hate and scrutinising of my body (a hard one!), I'm always checking my reflection in mirrors or shop windows and hating what I see.Sad

    I'd love for some of you guys to join me if you're interested? We could share how we're getting on, get new ideas and motivate each other! Weight loss or not, whatever your goal is to feel good again!SmileStar
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cherrytree63 · 28/01/2019 10:35

I feel just like you cinema, have several chronic health conditions that are making me feel rubbish. My confidence is at it's lowest.
Long story short, I was a fat kid, my weight yo yo'd all through adulthood. I had a fear of being hungry, when I worked on a busy ward I actually ate just in case I got hungry!
Got my act together nearly 4 years ago, went cold turkey on sugar, ate LCHF, power walked/hill hiked and HIIT 3 x week.
Lost 31/2 stone, dropped from size 16 to 8/10, toned up and maintained for 3 years. Hardly felt hungry and never craved sugar or "junk" food.
For various reasons I got out of the exercise habit. In November I had a colonoscopy and went low fibre for the week prior (so back on white carbs), mainlined boiled sweets to cope with the disgusting Moviprep, and BAM!! Sugar addict once again. Couldn't get enough of the stuff.
Although I've only gained half a stone, the lack of exercise really shows in my flab!
I kicked the (obvious) sugar again 10 days ago, lost 2lb, but still eating too much comforting carby food.
I'm having a major house declutter, starting with clothes. Yesterday I was trying on jeans that were comfy/ loose not so long ago and can't even do them up had me in tears.
So I went for an hour's power walk, did a 7 minute tone and sculpt HIIT and ate a microwave curry Grin as that's the last of the carby food in the house!
Today will be 2 x HIIT, and another power walk.
Full fat yoghurt and fruit for brunch, salad for tea.
I'm so angry with myself for getting like this after doing so well, but I can do it again. It's just a case of finding the mindset again.
Goal weight 9stone, anything below is a bonus.
Goal size 8/10.
Goal look lean and toned lol!
Would be nice to hear tips and get motivation from you and people joining on your thread cinema, thanks for starting it!

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