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Riss70 · 09/06/2007 12:06

I used to think that I was doing ok for a 37yo women with three children - I am 5'7" and weigh 130 pound (about 58 kilos) however my WTF-H has taken to calling me BIG girl - I quite frankly and NOT amused and think he has a hide - he certainly does NOT have a six pack.

OP posts:
Roskva · 09/06/2007 12:34

What is it with men? If you retaliate and call him big boy, he'll probably take it as a compliment. You sound like you don't have a problem to me (put it this way, I'm shorter and heavier than you), so I would find a nickname for him that refers to an aspect of his anatomy that he doesn't like.

lissie · 09/06/2007 12:41

there is absolutely nothing wrong with your weight! an shocked that he can say that, your BMI is acually below that recommended by the WHO.

Riss70 · 09/06/2007 12:41

I kinda think it's his way of trying to cut me down to make himself feel better as he looks as though he is carrying our 4th child - even if only at about 24 any case I get really pi*sed by his comments and find them offensive

I have often thought about making some sort of snide remark about his vital anatomical feature but it is actually pretty nice

in any case THEY have no idea they are creatures from some other planet

and thank you for your encouragement

i beleive that they have no idea about the body image issues that women face these days (I guess it doesn't help that I was an anorexic teen so I am hyper sensitive to stuff like that)

OP posts:
MrsSpoon · 09/06/2007 12:43

If my calculation is right you are about 9 and a half stone which is very slender for a woman of your height.

MrsSpoon · 09/06/2007 12:44

and if you are 9 1/2 stone and 24 weeks pg you must normally be very, very slim.

lissie · 09/06/2007 12:45

thats what i worked out too! your bmi should be between 21 & 23 ideally

Riss70 · 09/06/2007 12:47

no I am not 24 weeks HE looks about 24 weeks!! sorry my misguided humour there

OP posts:
lissie · 09/06/2007 12:48
MrsSpoon · 09/06/2007 13:08

Doh, sorry missed that. Still you are very slim and your DH deserves a slap.

Riss70 · 09/06/2007 13:19

I think that I realise the problem is his most of the time just wanting to blurt about ti this evening.....he is at work and I have been ruminating on various things he does that pee me off .......hmph....... BIG SLAP

OP posts:
hex · 10/06/2007 19:45

why does he feel it necessary to even comment on your weight negatively when you're having his baby??? Does he think it might make you feel good about yourself? Does he not know women put on weight when they're pregnant (and if not, hasn't he been around for the other pregnancies??) After the other kids it sounds like you've regained your non-pregnancy figure. Okay, so his tackle might be okay - but his attitude stinks. Try this for a strategy: Look him in the eye and say directly but non-confrontationally 'it really hurts me when you say things like you not care about that? Hopefully, you'll disarm harm him enough to stop him dead in his tracks!

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