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fast loss

Poppinder · 16/08/2018 19:36

I know it's not healthy and it won't be permanant, but I need a quick fix.I have lost almost 2 stone since xmas and am a size 14/16 now. I need to be size 12 in 2 months for my holiday so I can fit in my clothes.

any tips?

I am exercising lots and toning but doesn't seem to be equalling lbs

Any tips please?

I know it will all go back, I just want to look good on holiday

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FATEdestiny · 16/08/2018 21:22

Short term suggestion (some of which could be longer term)

■ Stop snacking, eat only at meal times.
■ Stop eating a second course, even if it's healthy. Fruit or plain yoghurt might be better than cake, but still contain unnecessary calories
■ If you're not hungry in the morning, don't eat breakfast. Nothing terrible will happen if you only have two healthy meals, rather than three.
■ Ensure that half of the plate of food in front of you is above-ground veg. Aim for at least 3-4 veg portions with both lunch and dinner. Not just 3 different veg on your plate, full portions of each (see nhs website for veg portion sizes).
■ Have the other half of you plate as lean, low fat protein/meat. Protein will fill you up, low fat protein is lowest calorie.
■ If half your plate is veg and the other half is protein, and you're not snacking between meals or eating sweet stuff - it follows that you're going to be eating low carbs. Avoid bread, potatoes and pasta. Rice and oats are OK if you feel you need extra energy, but if you can manage without then do so.
■ Watch the calories in your drinks. Don't have sugar in tea/coffee. Sweetener is lower calorie, or drink unsweetened. Likewise have low sugar cold drinks or water.
■ Drink water to fill you up and keep you hydrated.
■ Exercise until you are sweating and put of breath for at least half an hour every day. Running is cheap and easy.

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