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Menopausalish - to lose around a stone by end of 2018

StarsDifferent · 13/08/2018 11:57

Hi, I'm looking for some fellow travellers here for support and accountability. Please feel free to join any time, though I am starting today.

As I said, I'd like to lose about a stone, roughly a pound a week. If one is young and active it seems to me this is an easier thing. But for me I know this would be a real achievement for me. I will just be generally cutting back at the moment, nothing drastic, but may change it as I go along. One thing I've noticed - if I don't eat something reasonably filling by 1 to 2 p.m. I overeat in the evenings. Health restrictions mean I can't do lots of exercise - but I will try and do something small and active every day. Just want to feel calmer and more comfortable by end of 2018 as I look forward to 2019, and don't want to start 2019 with a diet!!

My personal plan is to weigh in once a week on a Monday. Today was 184 pounds. I don't expect to lose one pounds every week but overall looking for a downward trend.

Please feel free to join me!

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