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hercules · 17/08/2004 21:56

I need to lose 3 stone and have just seen the program. I'm buying the book tomoorow and wondered if anyone wanted to join me on this thread to support each other through the dark times ahead.

OP posts:
unicorn · 17/08/2004 21:58

well have got the book, so I'm very keen... but not sure when best time to start is (dh reckons he wants to do it too) but it never seems the right time to stop the alcohol IYSWIM

hercules · 17/08/2004 21:59

Start Thursday!!

OP posts:
unicorn · 17/08/2004 22:02

Don't think we're strong enough for Thursday!
Got to get all the stuff in (plus e are going away for a week end of month)
but Very keen to do it, and watch everyones progress.

hercules · 17/08/2004 22:04

I'll keep you updated. I'm only intending to buy what i can get from tescos. Is that possible? Trouble is i've only seen the one show.

OP posts:
unicorn · 17/08/2004 22:11

well it's worth a try - the book lists it all (and can be a bit overpowering) but it all makes sense.
And it's not just about weight loss, it seems this diet can cure virtually everything that is wrong in your life ! well nearly (!!)
Loads of luck, I will be very interested in seeing how you go.

Moomin · 18/08/2004 08:56

hercules - i didn't watch the programme at all, but got the gist of it and decided the people being 'done' were far too extreme and were obviously chosen to make good dramatic tv. IMO the book tells you all you need to know. I bought it last week, skimmed through it in parts and paid more attention to other bits. What I and a couple of others have already decided is that you can chose to incoporate the main ideas without going too mad, and gradually change your eating habits.
Dh and I are on day 3 now and although i don't feel any more energetic yet, I have noticed a marked improvement in my toilet habits (tmi, I know!)
I'm still ata a bit of a loss to know what to eat for breakfast though (apart from fruit). Don't like porridge very much. Someone on the other thread suggested wholewheat rice crispies so I'll go and have a look for them today.

Piffleoffagus · 18/08/2004 09:19

I started it, not 100% but adapted lots of my routine to conform.
I have not lost weight so much, but I have lost inches off my tummy with lack of bloating, I got no spots before AF and skin is fab.
Feel tons better and more able to cope...
Herc you may need a health food shop too..

ghengis · 18/08/2004 09:26

Count me in on this please. I bought the book last week and it has taken me a while to get 'ready' and psyched up for it but I am very low on energy and eat far too many take aways/ready made meals. I look forward to having glowing skin too Piffle

hercules · 18/08/2004 15:28

Bought it today. Will read over the course of the day.

OP posts:
hercules · 18/08/2004 21:17

I had a last lunch at pizza hut today and my last diet coke until I reach my goal weight! I'll miss this the most

I bought pumpkin seeds and nettle tea. Not so sure about the seeds but I'm used to green tea so the nettle tea was quite nice. I'll do a proper shop tomorrow.
I've decided I'm not going to follow exactly ie the supplements and detox time. Ill focus on the combinations and eating good food and cutting out the crap. I've nearly lived off white rice for the last 9 years so will be interested to see if having brown makes a difference.
I have wholemeal bread and pasta anyway, eat a lot of fruit and veg. I will eat more fish though and cut out red meat, this will be easy.
I like porridge so thats no problem.

It's going to be hard tommorrow not buying my ususal green and blacks dark choctreat just for mummy

Still, my new superslim figure will more than compensate!

OP posts:
hercules · 18/08/2004 21:22

MEant to add i had grilled trout with homemade dahl for dinner. Lovely but i', already hungty!

OP posts:
Moomin · 19/08/2004 09:47

I'm finding that dh and I are quite hungry by mid-evening if we eat at 6.30 so we've both been snacking on dried fruit, walnuts and almonds and it's quite filling.

Am I ok to make a veggie curry (with lentils) and brown rice for dinner tonight? I'm sure Dr G says somewhere that you can mix carbs with beans/pulses even though they're proteins because they're so starchy - is that right?

hercules · 19/08/2004 09:51

Yes, that's fine. In the book you can eat them together.

OP posts:
ernest · 19/08/2004 11:39

moomin - have you got a good (ie easy) recipe for veg curry?

btw I stated new regime 2 days ago & have lost 1 pound - every little helps. also been walking tons though. hope I/we can keep this up. Can't say I feel or look better, still look & feel like a bag of ***

Moomin · 19/08/2004 12:29

lol, ernest - i'm sure you don't!
My cooking is very haphazard in that i never measure anything so i'm guessing the quantities!

-Fry a bit of onions and garlic in a little veg/sunflower oil until soft.
-Add a couple of teaspoons of a good curry powder/paste at this point and coat the onions.
-Add whatever other veg you want in the curry (i use potatoes, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes, whatever - but not peppers or peas - add these near to the end of cooking or they'll go too soft)
-Cover the veg with veg stock, stir and then add a few handfuls of red lentils (i'd guess about 2 cups?)
-Simmer and keep stirring to stop anything sticking to the pan. Add more water / stock and more seasoning if needed.
-When lentils have gone mushy and potatoes are cooked, it's nearly ready. At this point add softer veg and some fresh coriander if you've got it. Give it another 5 mins on a low heat.
et voila!

I'm sure you could make it even nicer if you use individual spices instead of curry powder/paste - I'm going to look in my jamie oliver book today and investigate!

Moomin · 19/08/2004 12:32

sorry - didn't put the quantities of veg - 1 onion, 1/2 cloves of garlic, 2 med potatoes, 2 courgettes, 2/3 carrots, one pepper... you get the picture!
This feeds 2 easily with some leftover for one person to eat the next day or freeze.

Lowryn · 19/08/2004 12:45

Well, I lost another two pounds in three days on this diet I guess it is clearing me out!
One question though, can you mix proteins with sweet potatoes, or are they classed as carbs?
We had the salmon from the book last night and it was yummy.

sweetheart · 19/08/2004 12:54

in that case I'm a lettice leaf

unicorn · 19/08/2004 15:43

well.. have been to the health food shop and spend a bomb... bought that spirulina stuff...has anyone tried it,is it worth the expense?
Still in process of psyching self up, and getting all the bits+ bobs in, but am actually getting quite keen on the idea of 're-educating the palate'!!

ghengis · 19/08/2004 15:49

What does spirulina look like Unicorn?

unicorn · 19/08/2004 16:00

can't see, just seems to be like a capsule (it's in a sealed bottle).. just a dietary supplement, but sposed to work wonders!
The health dood shop were out of Miso soup too... evryone is doing this at the moment apparently!

Moomin · 20/08/2004 16:53

it's no good - i haven't the inclination or energy today to create a wonderful healthy meal on this diet. i've spent all day putting up a bloody ikea computer table and i need a reward. we're having a takeaway tonight as we've decided it won't kill us

btw, i went out last night and had 4 units of alcohol and felt rough as a badger's arse when i went to bed and 1st thing this morning. The de-tox is obviously working. Never thought I'd see the day when my body rejected alcohol!

If no-one hears from me in the next couple of days i've obviously died from having this takeaway tonight.


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bran · 20/08/2004 16:58

lol at the badger's arse Moomin. I had a small glass of wine yesterday and felt like I was floating. I'm now a very cheap date.

Easy · 20/08/2004 16:58

Apparently, nearly everything in the book can be found on her website here .

So save yourself some money

ghengis · 20/08/2004 17:00

Who is that very young woman? Is that post facial surgery or 50 years ago?!!!
If that's what spirulina does for you I'm off to buy a dozen boxes!

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