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Some questions about Body Coach/Joe Wicks

SkiFiend · 29/07/2018 22:16


I'm thinking of trying this plan and wondered whether anyone could hep with the following questions:

  1. I understand that it's based on recipes and meal plans, not counting cals/carbs. Are the plans v specific (so you have to eat exactly the meal ordered in the given slot) or can you pick from a range of meals?

  2. Can I swap in an exercise class eg spin or hot yoga for one of the HIIT sessions?

  3. What drinks are allowed? Diet coke, sugar free squash, tea, herbal tea?

  4. Can you ever swap in ready made meals- I sometimes have a work lunch from Itsu, would that be allowed?

  5. How easy is it to combine the plan with family meals? I have v active, skinny teens who need carbs so can't feed us all on a low carb plan.

    Thank you!
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TwinkulTwinkle · 30/07/2018 09:00

You are given a range of meal plans and their ingredients and cooking instructions for the first month - you can pick which days you'll have a particular meal. On days that you'll be exercising ( 4 -5 per week) - you should pick certain options that have more protein/carbs.

Yes you can swap Joe's exercises for one of your preferred classes.

I don't think ready-made meals are allowed - purely because you have less control over what is put into them. That said - not all ready-made meals are the same - I had a quick look online of Itsu's menu and they seem to offer healthy options like salads etc - I would say if you pick sensible choices - it would be alright.

You are allowed to make your own meals based on the general principles of his plan. So (and don't quote me, because I'm just going off memory here) the plan might say - to have 30g of protein and 20g of carbs. So your 30g could be beef, chicken or vegetarian ....

However, a major part of the plan is preparing food in advance and freezing some of them for convenience to use later on in the week. So in theory, on the day that you would be ordering from Itsu - you wouldn't - because you'd have brought your lunch in with you Grin

My own personal experience with the Body Plan was that I wasn't too keen on all the cooking - but that's because I don't cook much anyway!!! Didn't really lose anything at first (started around Feb/March) - but got a little fitter through doing the exercises - and to date have steadily lost just over a stone.

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SenoritaViva · 31/07/2018 07:41

The plan is good in that it is flexible. It is based around high protein, low carbs except after excercising. The portions are large which stops the need for eating anything else unhealthy.
The difficulty is all the cooking and because it involves so much flexibility also the planning.
I don’t think many take always would offer enough protein.

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