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i want to take up running....... how do i start?

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Biglips · 30/05/2007 23:40

as ive been in the gym since march and been running on the treadmill since a month...but not every day though

Guidance please?


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TheDuchessOfNorksBride · 30/05/2007 23:59

Make sure you have the right shoes. There are different sorts depending on how your foot strikes the floor and you may also want to choose a style that suits the terrain - tarmac or off-road. Good shoes will help you run better and help protect your feet/knees from too many aches and pains.

There are lots of running websites which have plans to stick to for all abilities. They usually advise to start by running for a short period, then walking, then running again etc. A good guide is on the Macmillan Race for Life website - that will get you up to 5km.

There is also a MN Runners thread which appears from time to time.

Good luck.

Biglips · 05/06/2007 00:26

ooh thanks ill have a look at it now

ive got running trainers....also what type of bras shud i wear as im a F cup. Ive got my shock absorbers bra, is that enough?

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