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Pedometer Week 9

11 replies

CP3 · 14/08/2004 19:21

The pedometer club is dying a death here ladies, ive only had two sets of results in

Madamebutterfly 68,347 & Tommy 48,639, who are both on hols next week.

Ive been doing well all week then yesterday it only read that i did 172 steps so looks like i need another one again

OP posts:
mummytojames · 14/08/2004 20:36

because i do mine from a monday to sunday because starting it on a monday i found it easier to post straight on the thread hope you dont mind

Earlybird · 14/08/2004 21:22

I didn't submit any results because I had a poor walking week. Two days of around 10,000 each, and then the rest of the days don't bear reporting on. So, will aim to be back "on program" this coming week.

mummytojames · 14/08/2004 22:25

my score for this week is 25733 dont know how acurate it is though because i have been useing the macdonalds spet monitor and wearing sandals only

bran · 14/08/2004 23:11

I will join, really, but I'm still having pedometer trouble, I have little raw patches on my tummy where it's rubbing. I might see if I can get another one which is a bit flatter.

Tommy · 15/08/2004 00:22

So, I came 2nd then?!
I'm also a bit drunk now (been at a dear friend's wedding) so I won't write any more. See you all next week!

ernest · 15/08/2004 19:52

Really glad I joined you all - it's really spurred me on. I did 21,000 yesterday, but today only got up to 6,000, so it really encouraged me to go for a walk and got me up to 13,500!

come on - don't die a death just after ive felt so encouraged! Wonder if all this yomping will stop me looking preggers?

spod75 · 15/08/2004 22:29

Hi, I emailed my results sometime on Sat but you may not have got them. I didn't do half as well as last week at 66468 and this week looks to be even worse, about 6000 so far!

So I am walking tomorrow!


sarochka · 17/08/2004 19:55

I think if its ok -i'll start from next week. i have been ashamed of my results and have really made an effort today but am still only on 10000. That includes a long walk, an exercise video and 30 minutes manic dancing with dd. Am I going wrong somewhere I wonder. Dreading going back to work if this is how much I do when I am on holiday. You have all given me much food for thought and I feel much more motivated now. Made it to 40000 all week. Where should I mail my results CP3 - if you don't mind me doing so. Thanks

ponygirl · 17/08/2004 19:59

Hi, I'm still here too, but was away and couldn't report in at the weekend. Not very good, though, 49,779.

Chinchilla · 17/08/2004 20:01

I did at least 11,000 yesterday, but my ankle was killing me after that. I walked twice today, but not very energetically, and have not kept a record of the steps done. I will be more thorough when ankle is better.

Earlybird · 17/08/2004 22:07

Odd how many of us had a sub-par week last week. I've been doing consistently better this week, but haven't had a single day of 10,000 or more yet. Maybe tomorrow......

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