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Need a serious kick up the bum!

jinglebells123 · 25/06/2018 23:29

After Christmas and new year I hit my highest weight at just under 12 stone (this is excluding when I was pregnant and the initial post baby period).

I joined slimming world and lost almost a stone. I was also going to the gym a few times a week.

Then I took on a new commitment and bought a horse (something I'd given up to have my family) so I no longer had time for the gym. Then I went on holiday and got out of my diet routine and I have struggled to get my head back into it.

When I'm on it, I'm on it but when I'm off, I really lack will power and I can eat really well for my main meals but then at night, after a good day I lose it and snack on crisps, chocolate etc.

I'm doing no exercise right now and in my mind I have not time.

On a typical week, I'm up at 5:45 am Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. I get a longer lie to 6:45 on a Wednesday and on a Friday, I don't work but look after dd so I tend to wake at 6 ish when dd gets up but laze about until about 8.

I'm out the house at work from 7 am to 6pm. Get home, have to walk the dog then either go to ride/muck out the horse or get DD ready for bed. It's about 8:30pm at the earliest when I stop and then I have to cook dinner (trying to do that while dd is still up is almost impossible!).

I'm too hungry at this point to exercise and too full after dinner.

I really want to fit in some more exercise - but how? I really can't get up any earlier on my days in the office. I only get 30 minutes lunch so can't go to the gym then (I used to go to classes at lunch time). Evenings are sucked up by horsey stuff or spending it with dd.

Please, put me to shame and tell me how I could fit in some exercise to try and shift this weight - hopefully it helps me kick start the diet again too!

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