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So Hungry all the time :(

13 replies

lifesteeth · 23/05/2007 17:35

I'm so hungry all the time, I'm trying to eat properly but god all I have on my mind is food...

Today I have had:

breakfast - bowl of shreddies (only thing I can eat in a morning) with a tea spoon of sugar and a cup of tea.

Dinner - tuna and cucumber sandwich (brown bread) and an apple

Tea - 2 garlic and parsley kievs and beans. Thats the last thing I will eat today.

I'm just so hungry I feel like running to the shop and buying myself a big bar of chocolate am I not eating enough or is it all in the mind?

OP posts:
laneydaye · 23/05/2007 17:36

Hia, apart from the apple have you had any other fruit and veg today?

lifesteeth · 23/05/2007 17:49

no that's it...well apart from the cucumber anyway...

OP posts:
Nemo2007 · 23/05/2007 17:50

have you thought about joining a slimming club?? I only ask as I am like you and when I try to cut down end up hating it and resorting to choccie/quick fix bits. I joined slimming world last week and have eaten loads but just had my first weigh in and have lost 5lb!!

laneydaye · 23/05/2007 17:57

Well may i suggest bulking up with loads of fresh veggies....mmmmmmmmm
Heres what i ate today..
BREAKFAST weetabix (no sugar) 1/4 pint of
semi skimmed milk
SNACK Good for you carrot cake slice
LUNCH 1/2 Slices of lean beef
Carrots, cauli, broccoli, green
beans, 4 sm new pots with a
small amount of gravy made from
1 oxo
Dinner 1 tin of tuna in brine, 2 slices of wholemeal bread, 1tbs of low fat mayo on bread and a pack of good for you crisps...

Will probably have a snack of fruit later..
This is a normal daily intake for me apart from the meals vary..
I think its one of the hard things in life for a woman to lose weight..
So chin up and youll get there...

laneydaye · 23/05/2007 17:58

By the way i am losing a steady 1-2lbs a week which is the best way to do it....

lifesteeth · 23/05/2007 18:33

how much does a slimming club cost usually? also Its a bit awkward for me if they're in an evening as I'm a lone parent

OP posts:
Nemo2007 · 23/05/2007 18:36

lifesteeth they also do morning/afternoon groups you just look at the site to find one in your area. Cost me £9.50 last week tojoin then this week was £4.50

Dior · 23/05/2007 18:36

Message withdrawn

spudmasher · 23/05/2007 18:38

A low GI diet can stop you feeling so hungry. My mum is on the ediets one - something to do with tesco. She has lost loads of weight in a steady way and seems to eat really well.
She eats lots of wholefoods and it sopt the blood sugar level from rising which I think is what causes the cravings.

Trinityrhino · 23/05/2007 18:38

it doesn't seem to me that you are eating enough

you need to have healthy snacks aswell
you shouldfn't be hungry
veg and fruit whenever you hungry would be great

little and ofteb keeps you m,etabolism going and that helps weigtloss

oh and are you drinking enough fluid?

compo · 23/05/2007 18:43

you can also drink smoothis to fill yourself up. Buy the Innocent ones or make your own. They are yum

Dior · 23/05/2007 18:47

Message withdrawn

Elasticwoman · 23/05/2007 21:41

Lifesteeth - good for you for making the effort. But my advice is

  • ditch the sugar on the Shreddies and have a few raisins or other fruit on instead.

  • Have a complex carbohydrate with your main meal, that is rice (brown is best), pasta (wholemeal is best) potatoes or bread (wholemeal preferably).

    In other words no you're not eating enough if you're still hungry.

    As some one else said, make sure you drink enough. Tea and coffee dry you up a bit so make sure you have other drinks too esp water. Alcohol dries you up even more and is high in calories.

    Tip: ricecakes are made from brown rice and are about 7 calories each, so a good thing to munch on if you get desperate.

    Another tip: think of something other than sweets/biscuits you can have as a treat eg a magazine, some new make up. a massage or something and award yourself as appropriate.

    Don't pay good money for big business to humiliate you in public and tell you not to eat chocolate. Come back on here and I'll do it for you for nothing.
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