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HeavyBee · 15/05/2007 11:00

OK, Ladies, here we go, my weight has stayed the same AGAIN so I hope you're all managing better.

OP posts:
Furball · 15/05/2007 11:11

Thanks HeavyBee, I'd forgotten what day it was

ktmoomoo · 15/05/2007 11:22

my weight is getting me down i have no will power any advice please xxx

MiaWallace · 15/05/2007 14:40

Just a pound off for me this week (time of the month) but at least its in the right direction. I'm now 10st 12lb.

ktmoomoo, just think how soon summer will be here. Do you want to be wearing skimpy vests or baggy t-shirts? That's what's keeping me on track at the moment

Furball · 15/05/2007 18:19

got your email mia and have replied

ZisforZebra · 15/05/2007 20:16

Thanks HeavyBee.

12st 5lbs for me. I think that's 2lbs off. This is the lightest I've been in at least 5 years so I'm chuffed. (did just scoff 5 chocolate biscuits in a row though )

ktmoomoo - I'm not the best one to advise on will power (see above!) but i'm just taking one day at a time and trying to make better choices everytime I eat something. (The old me would have eaten most of the pack of biscuits so 5 is a definate improvement.)

MiaWallace - Well done!

HeavyBee · 16/05/2007 09:37

ktmoomoo I don't have a lot of willpower either, but I find as long as I keep out of the kitchen in the evening after a fairly early evening meal, I can manage not to snack. My downfall is cake, but if I make sure there isn't any in the house that does help. Good luck!

OP posts:
HeavyBee · 16/05/2007 09:39

ZisforZebra well done! Try not to eat the rest of the biscuits today....

OP posts:
pesme · 16/05/2007 09:44

10 3 for me. i think i am destined to hover round thsi weight unless i make a huge effort. pretty happy tbh. is it ok if i still check in to keep me on the straight and narrow?

well done zz & mia.

ktmoomoo - i would advise cutting out bread and all processed crap. i found bread made me hungrier. start the day with something like porridge. join and exercise class and do something aerobic 3 times a week - exercise will help you feel better about yourself and then you are less likely to eat crap. here endth the lesson!

Smalline · 16/05/2007 10:14

Well despite not eating any biscuits, chocolates or cakes in the last 2 weeks, I have not lost any weight - still 12 stone. Having said that, I have not looked so slim in years and my clothes are a lot looser.

ktmoomoo I totally agree with all the advice given here, exercise definitely helps, makes you feel and look better. I find that cutting right down on the carbohydrates during the week makes me feel less bloated.

The first few days of healthier eating are always the hardest, but after that it gets easier.

Well done everyone.

Smalline · 16/05/2007 10:21

Pesme keep checking in on here, cos as you say, it will keep you on the straight and narrow. You have been an inspiration to us all, and it's very nice that you are happy with your weight.

jambuttie · 16/05/2007 19:47

12 6 for me this week thats 4lb on

Not got a clue whats happening with me just now.

I have been soooooooo good this week and here's my exercise for the wee too which I thought was good but obviously not good enough

Wednesday- started Tae Kwon Do
Sunday- went a run done about 2k
Monday- Tae Kwon Do
Tuesday Swimming

Going to Tae Kwon Do tonight again too

They do say muscle is heavier than fat but surely it wouldnt show this quick would it???

Furball · 17/05/2007 06:57

Pesme - you've done fantastically well and should be very proud. Where we both started this at the beginning of 2006 you stuck by it and have actually got to where you wanted whereas I fannied about and am still in the same boat. Inspiration to everyone here that it can be done and you are proof. Well Done!

ps - of course you are welcome to stay - you could be our group mentor!

Furball · 17/05/2007 07:00

Jambuttie - how disappointing that now you are really putting the effort in your scales arn't playing ball. Your clothes are feeling looser so take that as a sign. Also with all that exercise have you increased your water intake? maybe that could be your problem???? sounds stupid but water is heavy

jambuttie · 17/05/2007 08:26

never thought of the water factor, hope I come back down next week though

Furball · 17/05/2007 09:49

Charts on it's way

tortoise · 17/05/2007 23:00

Ooops missed weigh in again.
Went up a lb this week.
Will be a gain this week too i fear. It was dd1s birthday today so lots of cake!

Furball · 22/05/2007 07:07

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