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For those of us who have stopped dieting...

LionWitchbutwheresthewardrobe · 15/04/2018 20:03

How is everyone finding it?

Off the back of a thread from a few weeks ago I've been making a concerted effort to ditch the diet. I spent many years battling anorexia in my teens and although I've maintained my weight for several years now it's a daily struggle to fight the temptation to either binge or restrict. I've spent far too many years waging war on my own body and allowing food to control me, so these days when I do my weekly shop I put whatever I blimmin fancy in the trolley and am trying to listen to my body more and eat intuitively rather than worrying about what, or how much. In particular I've been buying foods that I used to absolutely love to eat as a child back before my food demons took hold - back when food was an innocent way to fuel my body and something I enjoyed but could take it or leave it.

Today I've eaten:-

Black coffee (didn't fancy breakfast)
Big salad bar lunch (lots of different grains, quinoa, potato salad, pasta salad etc)
Vegetable gratin with couscous and mixed beans
Large glass of red wine
Packet of crisps

Thinking about helping myself to a jam tart but might save it for tomorrow as my body is telling me I'm still full from dinner.

I don't plan to weigh myself until I've spent a good few weeks eating this way consistently. The only thing I feel I probably could have done without today is the crisps.

Has anyone else been trying to ditch the diet?

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CeeCeeMacFay · 15/04/2018 21:10

Me! Having suffered body image issues and disordered eating (binge/restrict cycle) for several years. Am trying to eat mindfully, have thrown out the scales and will measure my progress by clothes. Have massively upped my exercise and aiming to be healthy.

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