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How to shift a tummy?

7 replies

GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 10/05/2007 12:25

I've never been big, but since DD2 I have an annoying little mound of wobbly stuff on my tummy which I can't get rid of. My bum and hips are a bit bigger than they used to be, too. Any specific exercises to rid me of these (or at least make them better)? My SIL goes to 'Curves' gym and now looks fantastic, but this arsehole place where I live has nothing like that. I need specific TARGETTING exercises for my middle. Help me! I don't want to wobble at MIL's wedding in July. (DD2 is 3.6 BTW - it should have shifted by now, surely)

OP posts:
LieselVentouse · 10/05/2007 16:07

All you need is toning - 50 sit ups per night

JodieG1 · 10/05/2007 16:11

You can't spot reduce areas, it's a myth. Sit ups will increase muscle but the fat will still be there.

southeastastra · 10/05/2007 16:13

me too, someone on here suggested doing hula movements everytime a song comes on the radio and i've been doing that!

soon i'll be hooling like beyonce/shakira hahah

JodieG1 · 10/05/2007 16:14

see here

rowan1971 · 10/05/2007 16:14

Ditto Jodie - the best thing to do is aim to reduce fat all over by the usual eat-less-move-around-more method. You could have the best-toned abs in the world, but if there's a layer of fat on top, no-one's going to be able to see them.

GrumpyOldHorsewoman · 10/05/2007 22:15

That is my problem, Rowan. My abs are as hard as they ever were, but have a layer of wobble on top of them. I must say, though, that I feel as though there is a bit of a 'groove' between my abs, as though they were pushed apart during pg (think tectonic plates!) and never really came back together properly again. DD2 was a whopper at 9lb 6oz (I'm about 5'1" and normally weigh about 8st) and perhaps she has just messed me up a bit. Add to that I was 33 when she was born, maybe it just won't ever go back. Oh dear.

OP posts:
rowan1971 · 11/05/2007 09:07

At least you've got abs! Spare a thought for those of us who can't do 5 sit-ups without feeling a bit sick...

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