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Need to lose a stone... and quickly!

notenoughbottletonight · 26/03/2018 13:20

Need some advice please on the best way to shed a stone ASAP! I'm going on holiday in a month to a very hot place and want to be able to slim down a bit. I lost 8lb in the last two weeks but had a bit of s wild weekend and spent most of it in the pub šŸ™ˆ My definite downfall is alcohol, mainly g and t's. Any tips on how to speed up my weight loss? It's something I need to do anyway so will be carrying it on when I get home too. I'm currently going to the gym 3/4 times a week too.

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MrsJoshDun · 28/03/2018 07:06

Iā€™m in the same boat.

Have lost a stone since xmas and urgently need to lose another.

How I lost my first stone was excessive gym going. And only eating food in a six hour window. So from midday to 6pm. I skip breakfast, no morning snack, quinoa salad for lunch with a banana, and then an early dinner. First week was tough but you get used to it.

Gym going looks like.

Mon. 5-6k run in a treadmill class
Tues. BodyPump
Weds. Off
Thurs. core class, body combat , aqua circuits.
Fri. Spin and BodyPump
Sat. Park run and about an hour of weights in the gym.
Sun. Either a 40 min run and then 30 mins of weights followed by a core class. Or body attack followed by a core class.

Had a weeks holiday last week and put 1kg on so am back on it this week.

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