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Dr Gillian McKeith - You are what you eat

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Demented · 04/08/2004 16:16

Is anyone trying this?

I have lost almost 2 1/2 stone following a bit of my own diet and a bit of WW. I have stocked up on some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds. I have been munching on the pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds half the day, they are very nice. Not sure where to go from here, not helped by the fact the DH has taken the book away and is reading it himself having decided to take some action.

Any experiences with the eating plan would be gratefully received.

OP posts:
Demented · 04/08/2004 16:17

Must say that my reason for a change of direction is that even although I have lost a fair bit of weight and feel loads better I still think I eat too much junk and could have more energy, get a bit bunged up at times as well .

OP posts:
joanneg · 04/08/2004 16:31

I started this at the beginning of the week. I am eating chicken, turkey, all salad, veggies and fruit, seeds, pulses. wholemeal pita.
More than a diet to lose weight I am concerntrating on wating foods with no chemicals in, organic where possible and no artificial rubbish.
This has been a nightmare as I am a diet coke junkie!! But I think that it is for the greater good. Also I was feeding ds all healthy stuff and dh and I were eating rubbish! Did not make sense.

I must admit that I feel better already.

Well done by the way for losing 2 1/2 stone!

Gingerbear · 04/08/2004 16:53

anyone know where you can buy the book cheap?

Gingerbear · 04/08/2004 16:54

Bet you all the supermarkets start running out of pumkin seeds soon!!!

babster · 04/08/2004 16:58

They are! Last time I was in Tesco, they only had one bag of pumpkin seeds on the shelf (which I bought )

MadameButterfly · 04/08/2004 17:06

Oooh, How much is it. My brother got me a £15 Waterstone's voucher for my birthday.

memder · 04/08/2004 17:09

can't bear to watch that programme all the way through, low self plummetting even further just seeing bits of it, so please do enlighten me... WHATS THE PUMPKIN SEEDS STORY?????

joanneg · 04/08/2004 17:15

I brought that book from amazon for 7.79.

Pumkni seeds are good for you and increase your sex drive!!! (apparently)

joanneg · 04/08/2004 17:16

obviously I meant pumpkin! typing too quickly!

Bozza · 04/08/2004 21:59

I've got the book but I'm not entirely convinced about all of it. Not sure about the idea of not eating protein and carbs at the same meal. Also not sure red meat and dairy in moderation are as bad as she claims. But I have been out and bought the seeds. Put some in a lasagne today and DH didn't notice. But shouldn't be having lasagne because not allowed pasta with meat.

hoxtonchick · 04/08/2004 22:06

Toasted pumpkin seeds (just in a frying pan over a fairly low heat with no oil) are really yummy in salads. I do them with sunflower & sesame seeds too. Haven't seen the programme or the book though....

gothicmama · 05/08/2004 11:21

Pumpkin seeds /sunflower seeds can be ground up and added to anything or eat whole mixed with sultannas, or in cottage cheese

Demented · 05/08/2004 21:30

It's quite a bit to get your head round. I have started with the seeds, increased my fruit and veg intake, made a point of eating some raw veg, replacing white rice with brown and the warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I have some problems that she says are due to too much yeast in the diet so I am actively trying to cut down on that. I am also prone to bloating which I think is when she recommends the food combining, which is beyond me at the moment.

Needless to say I am sitting here with a bowl of seeds and a glass of wine! ... hmm, don't suppose she would recommend that!

I bought the book from Tesco on-line, it was about £7.50.

OP posts:
Demented · 05/08/2004 21:34

joanneg, good to hear you are feeling better already after only a week. That's fantastic!

Must say I find it hard to believe that all these seeds, high in fat, albeit good fat, won't make me fat. I await the results with interest.

OP posts:
whizzz · 06/08/2004 19:06

Can I just say as a direct result of MN I bought pumpkin & sunflower seeds today &(suprisingly !) they are OK. Still not too sure about cutting out alcohol though !

oxocube · 06/08/2004 19:26

I haven't cut out anything but have bought big bottle of vit B6 which seems to be the 'deficiency' in every case. Not sure it goes with half a bottle of red every evening though

whizzz · 06/08/2004 19:27

But red wine is good for you .....!!!!!

harrassedmum · 10/08/2004 23:34

Well done for losing 2 1/2 stone demented! Are pumpkin seeds really tasty????

Demented · 11/08/2004 17:29

Thanks harrassedmum, the pumpkin seeds are delicious!

OP posts:
sarochka · 11/08/2004 21:34

I have been 'doing' this for two weeks now but taking a step at a time.I have totally cut out tea and sugars and have been taking chromium and Spirulina. I am not craving anything YET...I find the programme fascinating but upsetting. I do not eat like the people in the show but have had a weight problem since pg. DD now 2.5. Fed up and decided that she had to have a point. I had a yummy salad for tea with green beans and toasted pumpkin seeds and garlic. recommend. I do not like quinoa no matter how hard I try!
Slimming World food combines too so I found that point quite interesting. Would like to continue hearing how others are finding it all. (smile)

sarochka · 11/08/2004 21:34

oh oh what a div got my smiley brackets wrong!

Bozza · 11/08/2004 21:45

The programme takes people with extreme eating habits/weight problems - even I could improve their weight/diet. Think it should take more ordinary people and show what her improvements could make to, for instance, a busy mum who is maybe a couple of stone overweight.


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whizzz · 11/08/2004 21:59

Well I've bought the book but its not come yet. Have bought pumpkin seeds which are OK, sunflower seeds taste a bit better. Turned down a beer just now & have been to the gym ! I'm feeling all healthy !!

ghengis · 12/08/2004 10:50

You should mail Channel 4 with that point Whizz. I bought the book yesterday and she talks a lot of sense. Am just compiling a shopping list of dos and don'ts - this could be the longest shopping trip in history!

Easy · 12/08/2004 11:04

I am thinking about buying the book, just cos I'm aware I need to eat a bit more healthily (is that a word?).

But I haven't decided cos I find that woman sooooo patronising on the telly, and once she hits on a thing, she never shuts up i.e. the woman in this weeks prog ate too much yeast, and Dr m. just went on and on about yeast. At least thisd one wasn't B6 deficient, cos you get that from yeast. Oh and Dr. M didn't suggest live yog or such, which would surely have helped with the yeast related probs.

I guess my worry is that I believe that a little of everything is a good diet, and that a diet which totally excludes things (such as red meat or dairy) is almost as bad as too much.

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