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Has anyone here had a gastric sleeve?

reup · 23/03/2018 13:26

I wanted to know how it has been for you as it’s sonething that has been suggested because of diabetes.

How was the recovery? How long did you have off work? Did you take leave or did you get sick leave?

What is eating like now? What foods/drinks can you never eat again?

What about the loose skin? Have you contemplated surgery for it? How madly expensive is it?


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Sofabitch · 29/03/2018 16:56

I'm having one in 3 weeks!

I know 2 people that have had them and the weight loss has been phenomenal. They had restricted diet at first but now can apparently eat everything just very small amounts (although bread is a problem because it swells) and you can never have carbonated drinks again.

Surgeon said ill need 2 weeks off work. Mostly to adapt to the new routine and learning to drink eat enough.

Its costing me £9995

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Magpiemagpie · 29/03/2018 22:30

If it's for diabetes have you asked your doctor about the new injection it's called Victoza my brother is a stage 2 diabetic always been very overweight and was given this injection to take and has lost over
3 .5 stone since Christmas. I actually thought he was bloody dying or smething as in my whole life I have never seen him this slim . I keep saying I'm going to swipe some from his stash . 😂

Back to the gastric Sleave. I had one done
I now eat pretty much what I like if I likes it before I can eat it now maybe I am lucky though .

You can still put on weight if you eat to many carbs and crap food though or if you drink alcohol or eat chocolate but especially alcohol

You have to think of it as a tool that you can use to lose weight not free get out of jail card
ie lose weight quick and eat whatever shit I want to and not worry because I will be full up .

The same principle that got you fat in the first place will still apply If you carry on and eat the same shit afterwards . Harsh but true and I hace see quite a few people who put weight back on a few years post Sleave . Not as much as before but a few stone for sure .

Food wise I mainly do low carb but I am full up after a few olives and 2 pieces of ham and I bit of humous. In the past I would be raging hungry and go back for more food to eat . In the past I used to really struggle with low carbing
I eat around 1200 calories a day and use my fitness pal to track what I eat

And while you are supposed not to drink fizzy drinks I do and so do most of the people that I know that had it done ( several of them ) I probably had my first diet coke about 6 or 8 weeks post opp but I don't drink at all unless I'm on holiday .
Diet coke is the one thing I can't give up

I didn't have any lose skin neither did my niece but two of my friends ofhad terrible lose skin and are saving for a operation to remove it

It's pretty drastic the weight loss one male friend went from 24 stone to 15 stone in 6 months and I hardly recognise him now. He didn't have hardly any lose skin just a bit of a wobble around the belly but that's it .
I think women generally get it worse than men

My top tip is to weigh yourself every single day so from the the day before the Operation write down your weight and the day and then continue to do so until you reach your goal weight . If you do it in killos you can really see the weight dropping off you but you can also see when you get stalls which is when you don't lose any weight for a week or two . Also once you have reached your weight I weigh myself every other day this way it's easy to cut back if my weight creeps up

I've noticed that most people tend to get to about 1stone of what should be their actual natrual body weight from the Sleave and that last stone is the hardest and can take ages and ages to shift. .This has been the case with everyone that I know that has had biaatric surgery

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