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Does 'Survival Mode' actually exist?

TakeMeToTheFresh · 23/03/2018 12:33

I think I read briefly on here that it doesn't? And actually, calories in vs calories out is the truth.

A friend of mine has pretty much been doing Slim Fast milkshakes for 2 meal replacement and then having her usual dinner with her DH for 2 years now.

She eats things like a bit of fruit if she's wanting a snack but other than that, she just eats dinner with DH and has the 2 shakes for a breakfast and lunch.

Obviously she sometimes has a cheat meal at breakfast or lunch along with her usual dinner but she treats that as a natural stray that we all have to do to live and let live!

Is her body in starvation mode?

I've been Googling shake diets and people on forums like Netmums etc insist it's bad because of metabolism impacts.

But is that actually true?

I'm very impressed with friend's results. She's down to 9st from being 14stish and has managed to maintain the weight since reaching her goal when starting the plan 2 years ago.

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