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Really high sugar content in Cambridge diet

springmachine · 23/03/2018 08:55

Ive been doing Cambridge and finding although I had initial losses it's slowed and I'm starting to not feel too well.

I've just looked at the sugar content in the products and was surprised to see that each one is around 30g of sugar each.

So by having 3 products a day I'm having more than 3 times the recommended amount.

I've never had a sweet tooth before and maybe enjoyed a rich tea biscuit once in a while but other than that do not add sugar to anything.

This is meant to be a low carb diet that puts you in Ketosis but can't see how it is with such high sugar levels.

I'm only looking into it more now as I've had really bad stomach cramps on and off that isn't related to time of he month

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quackingduck222 · 23/03/2018 09:50

It’s been a few years since I did Cambridge diet.

I’m pretty sure they have recently changed the products and the ingredients.

The Cambridge diet did used to be with the emphasis on ketosis but according to what a friend was saying the carb content has gone up compared to a few years ago. Don’t quote me on that as it’s what a friend had said.

I personally think Cambridge can be a very good diet especially if you have a sweet tooth. And it’s obvious very good at quick weight loss.

As your having a few tummy issues and you don’t have a sweet tooth can I recommend the blood sugar diet to you?

It’s a low carb diet, 800 cals a day but no products so it’s not costing lots like Cambridge. You use those calories how you like but you will be eating lower carb foods.

I’ve done all the diets and would of said I found the most successful to be the shake ketosis diets. Until I found blood sugar diet. It’s more flexible as you use your calories how you like. It’s very filling eating night fat high protein. It’s less expensive and the weight losses are fantastic.

The BSD is not based on ketosis but I did find I went into it within 3 days.

I think some people are suited to Cambridge diet and others just don’t get on with it and have a few issues. I used to suffer horrific constipation but my friend who was doing it at the same time had the opposite effect.

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