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Lactating Losers Week 2: Saints and Sinners come Confess

32 replies

monkeygirl · 02/08/2004 10:55

Despite my very best efforts to sabotage myself, I have managed to lose one whole pound this week. Hardly setting the world alight but baby steps, baby steps....I'm convinced it has more to do with me actually moving my a**e off than any good eating habits. But now I have my motivation, a holiday in 8 weeks and a college reunion in 10 weeks, gulp.

How are you all doing out there?

OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 02/08/2004 10:55

Message withdrawn

monkeygirl · 02/08/2004 10:56

..that'll be moving my bum off the sofa. Must preview.

OP posts:
monkeygirl · 02/08/2004 10:58

Yorkiegirl, you're already well ahead there. Hoe you had a good day - how old is DD2?

OP posts:
Chandra · 02/08/2004 11:04

I might have lost a pound...not very accurate scale I have...

prufrock · 02/08/2004 11:19

I lost weight. Hurrah. Can't quite believe it, but lost 3 3/4 lbs this week, which brings my total loss to 2 1/2 lbs, 11 3/4 to go.

scrumpy · 02/08/2004 14:34

Hi everyone, bought some scales at last so do not have to keep borrowing friends ancient one. I weighed today and have lost 4 pounds this week currently weighing in at 11stone 8 pounds making it a total of 6 pounds in 2 weeks, hurrah.

Only another 1 and a half stones to go. Well done monkeygirl, chandra and prufrock. I usually treat myself monday nite after weigh in but I sinned over the weekend at a christening so heres to salad again moto from my sister this week(she is trying to motivate me)
"Sweety pickers wear bigger knickers"
"Butter lovers have bigger udders!"

Metrobaby · 02/08/2004 14:54

I've lost 2lbs this week I'm feeling very pleased as I went out for dinner last Friday and have had the odd naughty biscuit or two !

suzywong · 02/08/2004 14:57

things seem to be going well for most of is this week

I have lost 3lbs, but I think that is due to having not having a cooker any more and 'camping' while we pack up the house - no danger of snacking or making too much fried rice.

Have also dropped the lunchtime feed so I MUST adjust my food intake accordingly.

mit · 02/08/2004 15:00

Pleased to report a loss of a whopping 1lb.....still better than nothing! My excuse, sir, is that I had my anniversary dinner last week and dh took me out for a five course extravaganza......yummy but not healthy.
Will do better next week, sir

Gomez · 02/08/2004 15:53

My goodness what a lot of saints this week. Me too - lost 4 lbs. And have still managed to eat loads of food, but only at mealtimes no more snacking - well just a wee bit but on good food rather that the buns/cakes/crisps of previous weeks.

However had a grand day out yesterday which finished with a huge portion of fish and chips on the beach oops !

bicbic · 02/08/2004 18:31

last week I ate 4 custard donuts and a pack of freshbaked sausage rolls,to console myself after a quarrel with a mate.whoops!
I justified this by telling myself that im not meant to diet and breastfeed but I dont remember reading anywere that you had to be a greedy pig instead

Bozza · 02/08/2004 20:32

Lost 2lb again so only 19 to go. 3 more to get me down to 10 stone and my treat of some new make-up.

Skara · 02/08/2004 21:30

have been in mumsnet exile due to guests (from hell, but that's another story...)

Excuse time - due to excessive consumption of therapeutic pimms, gin, wine and beer and chocolate, oh and BBQ food and home made bread, takeaway and basically anything that wasn't nailed down, I seem to have put on 2lb . Am hoping it's not real weight but sort of pretend weight that will disappear when I make a supreme effort for the rest of this week...well after I finish this huge glass of wine and maybe a small bar of Dairy Milk...

off to get out the cat o'nine tails...

Yorkiegirl · 02/08/2004 22:24

Message withdrawn

Ghosty · 02/08/2004 22:26

2lbs!!!!! Hurrah!
Must be all dem crumpets oi have been eatin'

Spod · 02/08/2004 22:28

have put on a pund of the weight i lost last week... and have not been naughty food wise.... think i need more structure...anyone do weightwatchers pints system and wanna explain it to me (i'm skint and dont wanna pay the membership). well done to all you losing weight this week!!

Spod · 02/08/2004 22:30

that should read pound and points.... keyboard playing up

angelpoppet · 03/08/2004 10:19

I lost 2.5 Ibs this week so in total am 4.5Ibs down now.

I'm going for my 1/2 stone this week.

Only another 24Ibs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kif · 03/08/2004 13:07

Kif not lost anything - in fact think a sneaky pound may have crept back on. C'mon, c'mon - too hot to do anything but sit in a pub garden and roast!

Twiglett · 03/08/2004 21:07

message withdrawn

monkeygirl · 06/08/2004 10:14

Everyone's been very quiet here - could be some of us have been hiding in shame again (yes that's me) - well my excuse is ILs came to visit and brought me a chocolate cake, champagne and a big box of chocs for my birthday which was actually last week. Chocolates lasted one evening . Can't believe it's nearly the weekend, which is always the toughest time for me (me and dh are a definite bad influence on each other).

How are y'all doing?

OP posts:
Chandra · 06/08/2004 10:21

Oh Dear! is not yet monday!!!! MIL has been here this week and had spend a good deal of time in the kitchen trying to convince us of the benefits of the mediterranean diet... In 4 days she has used 3 litres of olive oil which I don't think is very healthy but being fair to her and regadless of her horrible behaviours I humbly accept that she is a great cook. So looking at what my scale says I can define that in a nutshell the secret of the mediteranean diet is:

To eat little and walk lots

...unfortunately what DH and I have been doing is to eat lots and walk little


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scrumpy · 08/08/2004 13:12

hi everyone, not been very good since Thursday as had to rush ds into hospital. He has had a viral infection he was very poorly on drips, had ct scan and lumbar puncture.hence I have been eating in hospital up to last night when we were allowed home. Ds still on medication but is much better than he was on Thursday.I have never been so worried before but the hospital drs/nurses were great just so glad he is ok and that we are home .
to celebrate coming home dh cooked a lovely meal so I dont think this weeks weigh in will be good!

hope everyone else does well.

Yorkiegirl · 08/08/2004 13:14

Message withdrawn

scrumpy · 08/08/2004 13:33

thanks yorkiegirl...and your right the last thing I was thinking about was my round figure when ds was so poorly he is having a sleep at the moment catching up on lost zzzzzzzz,s in hospital. I am just so pleased to be home with him

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