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Cambridge plan - my story so far

CormoranStrike · 14/01/2018 11:22

I’ve got a massive problem with portion control and diets that allow me free food - I binge out on free stuff, and probably end up adding hundreds and hundreds of calories.

I’m also a lazy cook, and often opt for processed etc.

I’m now four stone heavier than I want to be, and finding myself out of breath easily, with jowly looks and cankles.

So, I counted up the cost and the convenience factor and decided to try CWP, for a rigid no nonsense initial burst.

I’m two weeks in, thought you might like my views.

Week one
Surprisingly easy so far; shakes are pretty good, as long as you properly mix and don’t end up with clumpy bits. The bars are good too, but here’s not much choice on any of the meal types - four main courses on rotation.

However, they taste okay and do fill you up, surprisingly well.

Had one genuinely hungry day.

Lifesaver - watermelon water flavouring, makes it easy to drink pints at a time.

Wk 1 weight loss just three pounds, which was a bit disappointing, if I am honest, I expected a massive first hit.

Week two
Getting into a rhythm - love the fact prepping for work involves popping two sachets in my handbag Grin, no need for lunchtime trips to Sainsburys.

Meals a bit repetitive, and have decided I won’t like the mac and cheese, but doable.

Two lifesavers this week - raspberry water flavouring and chopping my bars into bite size morsels, so it get like eating a packet of sweets.

Never really been hungry, nothing water couldn’t sort, so thirsty really.

Wk 2 weight loss of seven pounds, so ten pounds so far in total.

Plus sides - weight loss, obvs, and a noticeable improvement in symptoms of gallstones. Painful daily attacks have calmed down - possibly a coincidence.

Feeing very hydrated, and noticing if I don’t drink that I crave a water hit.

Saving money - yes, the upfront cost each week is huge, but I am counting that as an investment in me. I’m not impulse buying when food shopping and I am not buying snacks on my twice weekly cinema trips.

Downsides - still trying to work out how to factor a social side in; I've declined one night out as it involved a meal.

Constipation in week one.

So far, so good.

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