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So who can explain to me about the breathing technique for effective swimming?

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MummyPenguin · 22/04/2007 15:28

I like swimming, and am fairly fit as I have been going to the gym for a couple of years (nearly.) However, I find when I swim, I get out of breath really quickly, much more so than when in the gym, and find it hard going. I was in the doctors recently, and there was an article in a health magazine about swimming, but I got called through before I could read it. Can anyone explain to me how to develop a good breathing technique to enable me to swim effortless lengths?

OP posts:
booge · 22/04/2007 15:30

What stroke do you swim?

MummyPenguin · 22/04/2007 22:46

breaststroke and front crawl

OP posts:
mrsdarcy · 22/04/2007 23:00

Art of Swimming

MummyPenguin · 23/04/2007 10:42

Thanks for the link

OP posts:
laloop · 23/04/2007 10:58

Hi mummypenguin, I recently went to a swimming stroke technique course at our gym so here's some of the advice I got about breathing!

If you're swimming front crawl, I was taught to breathe every third stroke so that it is bilateral. This reduces strain on your neck and shoulders if you're turning both sides when breathing. Also slow your stroke down so that you're actually ready for a breath on each third stroke. Exhale while you're still underwater so that you're not trying to fit in exhale/inhale as you turn your face/body in the water ready for a breath.

Hope this helps

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