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Running Programme Advice Needed

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Quokate · 17/04/2007 17:38

Hi Everyone - would it be ok for me to join you?

I've joined a Rosemary Conley class and have managed to lose 8lbs in 4 weeks so am feeling more able to actually get exercising! How would you suggest I start training for the 5K Race for LIfe in June - anyone???

I'm not very fit - but have a cross trainer and a rower - I manage about 30 mins on one or the other each day or go out walking for an hour but I'm keen to be able to run the 5K.


OP posts:
paddingtonbear1 · 17/04/2007 17:51

Hi Quokate,

I'm not on a weightloss plan at the mo but I have done the race for life, and I hadn't done any running before. It sounds like you're already doing really well! Have you done running before? The race for life website has this plan:

training plan

which is similar to what I did, although I might have started earlier and done 2 mins run x 2 mins walk to start with.

Quokate · 17/04/2007 18:03

Thanks so much for that link - I've saved it and will work through it over the next 6 weeks. It doesn't look tooooo scary (or is that wishful thinking?)

OP posts:
moondog · 17/04/2007 18:09

A year or so ago,I couldn't run at all,now 10 km is easy.
I have no plan or expert advice but i just kept builiding up my stamina on a treadmill then began to run outside,building up gradully to longer distances.
i am seriously thinking half marathon now...

Quokate · 17/04/2007 18:21

WOW! 10K - now that does sound scary! But it would be sumat 2 aim for!!! The 3 stone I want to lose would have to be gone before I could manage that tho! So 5K seems a more sensible target to aim for at the minute methinks.

OP posts:
speedymama · 18/04/2007 08:36

I used the Bupa running guide .

Ultimately, the best way is to start slowly and gradually build your distance. Pace will naturally increase as your stamina increases.

Good luck!

paddingtonbear1 · 18/04/2007 08:54

Let us know how you get on Quokate. Which Race for life are you doing?

ZZMum · 18/04/2007 14:13

I am just about to start training for RFL this week -- I have a great book I am using
running for beginners

Loads of tips and advice -- and day 1 is run 30 seconds walk 4.5 minutes repeat 7 times... even I should get there with this one!!

Quokate · 23/04/2007 19:54

Thank for all your fab advice! Training is now well under way!

PaddingtonBear - I'm doing the Wirral one (Birkenhead Park) on 3rd June at 11am. have you signed up to do one?

OP posts:
yogimum · 23/04/2007 20:00

I just want to say buy the best running shoes you can afford. See a specialist shop. Its a short distance but running on the road can be stressful on the feet and legs.

Quokate · 23/04/2007 20:16

Thanx yogimum! I got a pair of Nike women's running shoes from JJB which feel really comfy (and which were half price thankfully!!!)

If the racing bug continues after 3rd June, I'll visit a specialist shop - any suggestions?

OP posts:
yogimum · 24/04/2007 06:39

I'm a bit out of touch but try looking on Will probably list stockists and give advice on good shoes. Good luck with the running! I used to love it, maybe will get back into it one day. Would love to do a marathon.

speedymama · 24/04/2007 09:04

I bought my running shoes from a specialist shop in Beckenham. I have virtually no arch and after checking my feet, they recommended motion control trainers. I now have two pairs (one for indoors and one for outdoors) and they are so comfortable. With my old trainers, I always had pain in my feet but with these specialist trainers, I no longer suffer any pain.

Quokate · 24/04/2007 18:31

Thanx for your help Speedy and Yogi! Disappearing now for a bit to look at - chatch ya l8r!

PS, don't think I'll ever fancy doin a marathon but am enjoying the training for the Race For Life!!!

OP posts:
florasarflondonmarathon · 24/04/2007 20:32

hello come and find us on the runners rehomed thread. We are very friendly and now that the sodding FLM is over so we can now have sensible running conversations.

paddingtonbear1 · 29/04/2007 17:30

Quokate how you doing?
Not signed up for any runs this year - did FLM last year and had dodgy knees, so had to give it a rest. My gym is starting up a running club again though so I might join that, if I can make it!
The runners world site is good, I got my FLM training plan from there!

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