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How can I tone up my wobbly belly ???

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Tillyboo · 03/04/2007 22:52

Help, my dd turned 3 yesterday and I've still got a jelly belly. Big wake up call !
I have lost some of it and am dieting but I can still grab 2 big handfuls of fat & make a fab sausage - my dd thinks it's hilarious.
I'm so fed up about it as I haven't got much fat anywhere else. My legs are slim, I've always had biggish arms even when I was very slim (family trait), not particularly flabby, just big upper arms. But, my midrift is a real issue from around my ribcage to lower belly.
So, can anyone recommend any tried and tested excercises other than crunches and sit ups that might help? I have problems with my lower back so the former excercises are a bit dodgy for me and I hate the gym.
Is there any hope for me ?

OP posts:
colette · 04/04/2007 07:27

bump I don't know either (sad)

Tillyboo · 04/04/2007 09:03

Bump ..
C'mon you fabulous ex jelly bellies, share your secrets, Please

OP posts:
colette · 04/04/2007 16:30

Nevermind Tillyboo there are a lot of us jellybellies about

NoodleStroodle · 04/04/2007 16:37

This isn't probably very helpful but if you eat alot of chocolate the rest of you catches up

Tillyboo · 04/04/2007 20:48

I just looovvveeeee choc choc too but have the really dark stuff now. Yum!

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