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is it possible to half diet

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mummytojames · 19/07/2004 00:35

ok i know this sounded strange but i got half a stone to lose over time and i started eating three meals a day whole multi grain for breckfast or yoghurt useualy pasta with low fat cheese or jacket potatoe with low fat cheese and healthy eating coleslaw for dinner and tea is whatever the family is having i do a fifteen minuite exercise every morning plus general running around is it possible for me to lose weight this way or do you think i would need to do a strict diet im looking to lose about five pounds a month help is this possible

OP posts:
Demented · 14/07/2004 09:35

Quite possible mummytojames, after having my DS1 I lost 2 stone with a combination of watching what I was eating and exercise. After DS2 I lost over a stone the same way before I was kindly given a copy of the Weight Watchers points and have since lost another stone, the weight loss is more consistent (2lbs every week) when I follow Weight Watchers to the letter but I still go my own way at times, although granted the loss is more sporadic at those times. If you make sure you know about the food you are eating, sticking to lower fat options, cutting out junk food etc you'll be fine. Of course you could always join us at Mumsnet Mamas for some extra motivation!

LunarSea · 14/07/2004 12:44

Well I'm doing what I call a worktime diet - changing what I do at lunchtimes and for breakfast on workdays, but basically having the same as DH & DS in the evenings/weekends albeit with more veg in lieu of potatoes/rice/pasta. And so far it's working far better than any of the full-time diets I've ever tried!

CountessDracula · 14/07/2004 13:36

you could try having no carbs after 5pm I beleive that works

mummytojames · 15/07/2004 00:03

thanks for all of your advice i have changed to low fat cheese and healthy option coleslaw i drink semiskimmed milk in coffee i hate junk food most of the time as in i eat about one bar of chocolate a month and sue if i ate half of what i normaly eat i would be in hospital with malnutrision as it has been a struggle to eat the three meals a day and demnted i would love to join mammas week but i only get weighed once every three months at my clinic thats why i was hopeing to lose some of the weight before my next weighing will let everyone know how i get on though even if i lose two pound in three months i will be jumping for joy because even though its slow it coming off thanks again all you have been real stars oh and cd i cant do no carbs after five because at six i do one meal for the whole family and the favorite is useualy spag bol chilli or stuff like that and cant cook for them then me because as soon as ds has had his supper its bath and bed so i wouldnt be eating until after eight and that goes against the six hour rule but thank you thank you and thank you i will get back to you all

OP posts:
Demented · 15/07/2004 22:08

All the best for your next weigh-in then Mummytojames!

SueW · 19/07/2004 03:15

You could try the Half Diet, as mentioned by Sandy Toksvig in Goodhousekeeping a while ago. Eat half of whatever you would normally eat.

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