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Demented is having a name change.

9 replies

Demented · 17/07/2004 17:31

Not sure I want to do this, I am quite attached to my name, tried to change it once and didn't like it.

I have two friends who want to join Mumsnet Mamas and although I am happy enough for them to be able to search all my old postings etc I am concerned that they may mention to others my user name and they may search and read all my posts, so to maintain some form of anonimity I feel I have to change my name. I don't generally get involved in anything other than Mumsnet Mamas and the Book Club these days anyway so don't suppose I'll be posting anything under my new name that would be terribly interesting to anyone.

Be back in a moment under a new identity.

OP posts:
champs · 14/07/2004 13:51

the new name would have been traced to you from this thread Demented!! unless tech erased it. If you want to keep some anon.. you can post sensitive topics under something else.

I too worry that someone I know will discover me!!

Nellybelly123 · 17/07/2004 17:34

Not sure if I like it. It's a name I use on a few other sites, I quite liked being different on Mumsnet. Of course someone already has Nellybelly but never posts hence the need for the number.

I will ask tech to delete this thread tomorrow and then direct my friends here.

Chandra · 17/07/2004 17:37

Demented, how about not telling your friends who you are? I'm sure many mumsneters will miss you and won't be able to find you.

wobblyknicks · 17/07/2004 17:38

Why not choose a totally new one?

moniker · 17/07/2004 17:47

can tech change all your previous 'demented' postings to another name so that you can keep demented as your current name? maybe pick something with a similar meaning like 'frantic' or 'frenetic'!!! or maybe that would be too obvious...

wobblyknicks · 17/07/2004 17:50

Tech can delete all your old postings if that would help

Nellybelly123 · 17/07/2004 18:31

I'm afraid I can't get out of telling them who I am, one already knows, she guessed who I was when I showed her the first Mumsnet book (unreal because I only have two mentions in it). Also they both know I have the spreadsheet for the weight loss group and like the idea of mailing me so it would be fairly obvious to both of them who I am. It's not so much these two friends I am concerned about, it's whoever they may choose to tell.

I think moniker's idea is a good one, I just don't like to be a pest. I also don't want to have all my old posts deleted, sad I know, but I like having the ability to search my old posts.

Nellybelly123 · 17/07/2004 18:32

Chandra I'm very flattered that I may be missed .

Demented · 17/07/2004 18:37

OK, I can't do it, I'm back! It's like a comfy old pair of shoes. Although now I've managed to give away my username on other sites, I cannae half be a bit of an eejit at times!

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