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How to lose weight?

ma1s1e22 · 23/08/2017 15:07

I wonder if any of you can help.
I have tried SW and lost weight very effectively.. but it caused me to develop IBS. So I am now looking at way's to lose weight without a specific diet.
Has anyone managed to do this just by calorie counting or healthy meals or cutting things out? I really hate what I see in the mirror and need to try and shift this weight. Does anyone have any good breakfast and fast lunch ideas to take to the office with me?

Thanks in advance Smile

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SilverViking · 23/08/2017 16:55

Yes, i lost about 2.5 stone...

Firstly cut out sweets and sugary snacks (the hardest bit by far). Still have a treat at the weekends... but not a whole cake or 5 Mars bars a day!
I woul take a drink of water or a couple of grapes when i got the urge to snack.

Then i cut down .... just ate the same foods, but smaller portions on smaller plates.

Finally made sure i did 40 mins exercise (walking) each day.

I initially counted calories (roughly) and was shocked at how much i ate. Actually setting a target for total daily calories and writing it down does help, ad you can see when you have a blip... or feel good from staying on course.

I also became aware of my vulnerable times of the day .... have a cup of tea and 2 biscuits 4 times aday was clocking up 800 calories! So i started green tea instead - to break the association with biscuits.
My 40 min walk (or mow lawn, or do something) coincided with the time after evening tea when i could easily start into food ... packet of biscuits, cake, bread, sweets .. just anything.

Weight has now been steady since last Easter ... but still need to watch for slipping into the habit of scoffing a packet of sweets/bars.

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