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Ive got a stone to lose by July - i need exercise tips, diet advice and anything else you've got!

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Mandymoo · 25/03/2007 20:02

Need to lose a stone to get back to pre-baby number 2 weight! Going on hols in August so preferably want to do this by July.

I have a cross trainer but not much time as ive just gone back to work pt so i will have to exercise first thing in morning or last thing at night!

I have a weakness for crap food and wine - please help me!

I have been on this topic SOOOOOOO many times since January but i am seriuosly in need of some advice - please......

OP posts:
Mandymoo · 25/03/2007 23:07

hey c'mon!

OP posts:
Beetrootccio · 25/03/2007 23:10

go to ww and join a gym

Beetrootccio · 25/03/2007 23:10

half hour a day on cross trianer and 200 situps

moondog · 25/03/2007 23:10

Eat less
Lay off the booze
Do some exercise


FluffyMummy123 · 25/03/2007 23:11

Message withdrawn

Pann · 25/03/2007 23:12

whatever you do, make a REALISTIC plan, and COMMIT to it.

themoon66 · 25/03/2007 23:12

where do you live?

Pann · 25/03/2007 23:13

Glossop. Why?

themoon66 · 25/03/2007 23:13

If you live near me, you can come running with me. Fat needs to burned off. Tis the only way.

themoon66 · 25/03/2007 23:14

Not you Pann.... the OP of course!

Pann · 25/03/2007 23:15

I know....

fireflyfairy2 · 25/03/2007 23:16

My sister started running about 2 years ago. She was a size 12 when she started. She also began climbing mountains around the same time. She's now a size 8. She runs miles every day, teaches spin cycle classes & step aerobics.

She would advise to begin by walking, then fast walking, then jogging, then running.. she's still trying to get me to join her It makes me tired watching her!!!

themoon66 · 25/03/2007 23:19

It works though..... I was size 14 when i started running. Am now a 10.

Beetrootccio · 26/03/2007 11:30

running good but with ww or sw or some other regime- when a little to lose is great to have a weekly commitment

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