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Probably been done to death but... how can I lose my wobbly tum!

8 replies

MeImAllSmiles · 23/03/2007 14:35

I have seriously got to try and sort the wobble before the summer, anyone managed it?

OP posts:
Nip · 23/03/2007 14:38

No advice, but i'm going to watch this thread - i have the same problem...

multitasker · 23/03/2007 14:40

Am going to start to bo 100 sit ups every day (snort) as I am slightly fed up with my post 3csection tum. Will also watch this one for easier option.........

MeImAllSmiles · 23/03/2007 14:44

Aaarrggg, not sit ups, I HATE sit ups!!! was also hoping for an alternative.

OP posts:
ZZMum · 23/03/2007 14:45

have had 2 sections and the best thing I have found is the classic give up bread stops the bloat and makes a real difference.. then try pilates... but if there is a lot of fat down there, you really need to diet as exercise will just tone up the muscles that are encased in a thick layer of fat!!

WotzsanEgg · 23/03/2007 14:48

Are you pulling in your tummy muscles right now ? Sit up straight and see if you can feel them. Pull in your pevic floor muscle too. HOLD......count to 10....

Now breath out and repeat everytime you post!

speedymama · 25/03/2007 21:35

See the Tue 13-Mar-07 16:11:49 post on the exercise buddy thread . This gives you the definitive guide to flat, strong abs. You have to start by strengthening your core muscles. Doing crunches only strengthens the surface muscles that gives you the six pack. In addition, you have to lose the fat around your midriff in order to see the results of your hard work. The only way to do that is to diet and undertake cardiovascular exercise that will elevate your heart rate for at least 20 minutes in order to burn fat.

MrsSpoon · 25/03/2007 21:38

Whatever you do you've got to burn the fat, otherwise you'll have a fabulous six pack under a layer of lard. I also believe that a certain amount of damage can be caused with pregnancy to skin and tissue that in some cases a flat stomach may never be achievable without surgery again, at least that's my excuse!

tigi · 25/03/2007 21:43

my friend lost hers by running

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