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My Weightloss and Bipolar.

TheBoyandI · 11/06/2017 20:49

I've been wanting to lose weight for a long time. But no matter what occasions I could use as goals, I just never seem motivated or be able to pull out my finger to do so.

Over the past 18 months I've had various issues with my health including a recent diagnosis (6 months ago) of Bipolar disorder and since then have been trying a cocktail of medications in order to get me stable. These all come with the lovely side effects of weight gain. Throw a recent holiday into the mixture and I put on around 12lb in two weeks. How fun.

I feel disgusting whenever I look in the mirror. None of my clothes fit right now. And I just feel so out of breath. I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding in 16 months but I'm not quite sure if I'd like to be because of my size.

I'm 5ft 2in and weigh 15 stone 5lb/215lb.

Ideally I'd like to be around 9 stone 7lb/133lb.

I'm not sure which route I'll choose. I'm not 100% sure why I'm posting.

I tend to skip all meals until evening time and then binge. I find it easier to eat food that's on the go or snacks. Or sugary foods.

I don't like what I've become and I also do not want to gain any further weight due to side effects of medication.

I want to get my life back in order.

I'm 25 and a single parent to a boy. I've no confidence and a low self esteem.

I guess this may be the starting point that I need.

Has anyone any tips or advice? In regards to managing cravings, resisting temptation, remaining motivated?

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Hammy12345 · 13/06/2017 13:00

I am in a similar situation, I too have Bipolar and really struggle with the weight gain medication has caused. I'm 5ft 5 and just under 15st now. I want to loose at least 5 stone.

I have tried weight watchers and slimming world but it hasn't really been for me. Instead I signed up with a personal trainer I knew of who does remote support. Each week she sends a new exercise programme and adjusts your calories and macro allowance. I'm hoping by having to check in with her every week I might stick to it?! I find evenings the most difficult as find I do binge on carbs and unhealthy foods and then feel disgusted with myself after.
The doctors always say just eat more fruit and veg if the medication increases your appetite, but I don't think that really helps. I find when I'm starving it's only carbs etc that help.

I hate the way I look now, especially when I see people who I haven't seen in a while and you can see the shock in their face at how overweight I am now. Summer is horrible as I don't want to wear strappy tops etc.
Have you decided on a weight loss plan now? Xx

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