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What is the theory behind not mixing carbs and protein?

2 replies

Tamz77 · 17/03/2007 04:44

Just seen this in a thread somewhere else, that it can help with weight loss not to eat carbs and protein in the same meal.

Does this idea come from a particular diet and what's the 'science' behind it? (not too much science though please!)

And does it mean you're not allowed to eat veg with your meat, ever?

OP posts:
ernest · 17/03/2007 05:00

no, I'm sure it mean starchy carbs eg potatoes or bread, so steak + salad ok, steak + jacket potato not,

I have read it too but van't remember the 'science'. Gilian mcKeith advocates this. think there may be specific diet (Hay diet?) following this theroy.

If you're really interested in healthy weight loss leading to a healthy long term eating solution I'd stongly recommend the food doctor diet by Ian Marber.

beansprout · 17/03/2007 06:12

I think it is something to do with your body finding it easier to digest one type of food at a time (how's that for an unscientific explanation?!!)

Not a healthy way to lose weight though.

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