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Cannot lose weight (breastfeeding)

Sunshineandlaughter · 02/05/2017 21:52

My body is stuck at one particular weight - if I diet for a few days I lose a little weight and then the midnight munchies come back and my body craves food and I am powerless to resist and I end up back at my stuck weight. I'm 2 stone over what I was 4 years ago before I had children. I'm still breastfeeding now but not too many feeds a day.
I've had my thyroid tested and tsh was fine at 1.3.
I'm low in iron and vitamin d but on tablets for that now ahd the weight is still stuck.
Are there any other things I can do or reasons why I'm stuck at this ridiculous weight?
I exercise once a week but walk loads - it's all I can fit in really plus I'm exhausted all the time.
I also have heavy periods and extremely dry skin on feet if that's at all relevant (I just assumed these things a consequence of my over weightness).

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