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OMG No Internet Access for apporox 6 MONTHS

3 replies

MadameButterfly · 06/07/2004 09:28

We have FINALLY got planning permission to build the house we want at the bottom of my inlaws garden.

As we want to sell this house in the summer (no central heating) we are considering moving into DP's grandma's house so we can get this place without all the clutter.

The only thing is that we will not have internet access for that time as DP got rid of the modem when we got broadband installed and most companies won't install it for less than a 12 month contract. Also dial up is so expensive as well.

Hopefully I can get to my target before we move, around about September time. If I don't I think I will have to find a meeting and make sure I go every week, as I am not sure I can do it on my own without the support of all the groups I have signed up for.

OP posts:
champs · 07/07/2004 04:26

is there no way you could borrow a modem?! what will we do without your uplifting posts!!
Is there an internet cafe or library with internet access near your grans?!

MadameButterfly · 08/07/2004 02:37

Just checked out the LIbraries Website. There is Internet access at the local library, so I may be spending a lot o time down there.

OP posts:
champs · 10/07/2004 00:47

you can sound all studious, "i'm just out to the library" people will be impressed in time you spend there, just dont let on the real reason

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