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Which diet to follow?

mumofzach · 22/04/2017 23:55


Just thought I would see if any lovely Mumsnetters have any suggestions for weight loss clubs/diets/lifestyle changes that I can follow.

I had my son 3 months ago and feel ready to overhaul my slightly chubby body. I want to be able to go back to work in 6 months time when my maternity leave is up and feel super confident and slim.

If anyone has any suggestions for plans that have worked for them I would love to hear them!


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MirabelleTree · 23/04/2017 07:43

Congratulations on your DSFlowers a Fitbit to monitor what I expend and Nutracheck to monitor what I take in has resulted in a 3.5 stone loss in 23 weeks for me so far. I have a lot to lose though.

I'm done with slimming clubs, I find this combination gives me control and flexibility to easily cope with Christmas, Easter, meals out etc and I'm confident it will give me the tools to maintain when I get there eventually and not pile it back on. Calorie counting has come a long way and these days you can scan bar codes, set things up formeaks you cook regularly and it then just takes a touch of a button and is done in no time at all, so easy.

The other one I'd consider if I could do it (makes my gallbladdder kick off) is the 5.2 as can see that in the longterm it would be a good way to maintain and again is flexible.

But at the end of the day we all have different mindsets and I think the key is to find what appeals to you the most and you can see yourself sticking to. Good luck!

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delilahbucket · 23/04/2017 12:10

I have also used Nutracheck after pregnancy to successfully lose weight. More recently I have had the same success with My Fitness Pal (which is free).
5/2 needs just as much discipline as regular calorie counting, but lots of people find it works.
Others prefer the motivation given from a group weigh in each week, such as Slimming World and Weight Watchers.
All these things have the same principle, eat less, move more.
I wouldn't recommend meal replacement anything or pill popping in any form. These things are not sustainable over the long term.
Good luck op!

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