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Can anyone recommend a god GI Diet book to use while pregnant?

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Ceolas · 04/03/2007 11:52

Not really looking to lose weight, just keep a grip on things. Oh and avoid GD! I am overweight and they are threatening GTT already (only 15 weeks) 'as a precvaution'

OP posts:
Ceolas · 04/03/2007 12:31

Piffle maybe?

OP posts:
Piffle · 04/03/2007 12:36

I like recipes from Anthony Worral Thompsons books esp for main courses.

For day to day eating I follow basic rules
Plain cereals, granary bread, poached eggs, soup, fruit nuts lean meats and salad

I am lucky though as my cravings have all been fruit based.
I added a few extra dairy products and am less strict.
Did you have GD with last pregnancy?
I showed as high sugar but passed my GTT ok. But did do strict GI in the days before the test!

Ceolas · 04/03/2007 13:05

Thanks. Will look at AWT.

No I didn't have GD. Had GTT last time but was fine. They are saying they'll do it again this time to be safe

OP posts:
Ceolas · 04/03/2007 13:06

Are you restricted to certain amounts at each meal? Do I have to weigh stuff?

OP posts:
Piffle · 06/03/2007 20:39

it's more a lifestyle change, you change the food groups you normally eat, cut out a lot of crap.
It may mean changing your bread say, only eating one slice, but as you eat it with better toppings say penut butter or a poached egg, you do not feel deprived

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