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Bad, bad weekend

ScotsHumphreys · 27/11/2016 09:31

I am calorie counting to lose weight.
Weight started at 11st 4lbs. It's now 10st 9lbs and my target is 10st.

I'm 5ft 10in.

Anyway so obviously calorie counting has been working, I've been sticking below 1500 a day but averaging around 1300.

This weekend has been atrocious however. Indian takeaway and two classes of wine Friday night as well as flapjacks and other calorific treats.
Chinese takeaway Saturday night 😲 As DH and I found ourselves alone for the night (heaven!) as well as 4 cans of lager 😭. I then made cheese on toast for supper last night!
Today I'm planning on fish and chips from chippy.

Obviously it's back to business Monday but I'm hoping to god I haven't done too much damage to my weight loss 😩

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