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So ambivalent when it comes to dieting - should I give up?

maggiethemagpie · 07/11/2016 17:02

I've lost 3.5 stone since three years ago, but since my wedding in April it's like I just can't do it anymore. I'm about half a stone above my wedding/ideal weight now and I think it's just a lot harder to motivate myself to lose that last half stone again, as I actually don't mind being the weight I am now. I'm not fat, maybe a little rounded, but it's more flab than fat. However I know I would look and feel a lot better a few pounds lighter.

Every day I start the day saying I'm going to diet, and I do ok until the evening when I give up and get an attack of the munchies! I'm not sure if I should just admit defeat and stay the weight I am now, as I don't seem to be able to motivate myself the same as I could when I was properly fat.

Also my body seems to want to stay at this weight, as I always seem to keep coming back to it, whereas in my larger days particularly post pregnancy I felt like I wasn't my natural weight so it was easier to lose it.

I'm just sick of starting diets and going off them a few days later, anyone else been here?
Should I just go for healthy eating instead and accept my size?

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