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Considering LighterLife, anyone doing it, can't find a current thread on it?

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ForcesSweetheart · 11/02/2007 15:31

I'm booked for an info session on LighterLife this Friday and wondered is anyone here is currently doing it, and would recommend it?
I am about 12 stone overweight and have been type 2 diabetic since I was 30 (now almost 34). I have a 13 month old daughter and want to TTC again but my first pregnancy was so difficult at this weight that we've decided to postpone TTC now til later in the year, and try to lose a lot of weight before then.
DH is going to be away for 6 months oof this year, so was thinking that might be the time to do Lighterlife, when I don't have to cook food for him (I know I still have DD to feed).
Any opinions/experiences? IS there a current thread on the go? If not, is there anyone currently doing it who'd like to join me in starting a thread?

OP posts:
tiger8565 · 11/02/2007 22:09

try the cambridge diet one, i believe they are the same thing...lots of support there

snowwonder · 11/02/2007 22:11

cambridge diet is half the price, and some say the meals are tastier
best wishes what ever you decide

Yorkiegirl · 11/02/2007 22:30

Message withdrawn

Lazycow · 14/02/2007 13:21

I did lighter life iin Feb of last year and lost 4 stone in 3 months. I stopped in May (I always intended to only do it for 3 months) and then went back again for a month this february where I lost another 1stone 10lbs (10lbs of that I had put on though). I am now 5 stone lighter than I was this time last year.

It really does work if you do it. You will probably have to do this quite a while if you want to lose 12 stone but tbgh any other diet will be much slower. If you have lots to lose you will be astonished how much you lose on your first week and this gives you the impetous to continue.

You will feel hungry for the first 3-4 days, though that does get less. After that the hunger pretty much goes away except mayve when a food pack is due. Once you have done a week you get into a groove with it and I did find it pretty easy the first time. In fact it was the easiest diet I've ever done in lots of ways.

There are some old threads on LL but I'm not sure if they are still live - you could try a search and have a read of them.

Lazycow · 14/02/2007 13:21

sorry about terrible spelling!!

ForcesSweetheart · 14/02/2007 19:18

Thanks folks. From looking into it all a bit more I'm beginning to think I'd be better off trying Cambridge, largely for financial reasons. We're totally skint, and will have to borrow to do either one.

OP posts:
Jantubb · 14/02/2007 21:30


I started Lighter life on Sunday 11th and when I went for my pop in yesterday I'd already lost 7lbs.. in less than 3 days!!!

I've had mixed reactions and would def recommend the info evening..

My dad is helping me out to pay for it although I have a sneaky feeling it will be cheaper without all the snax shop trips and take aways.. I think I'm worth it anyway!

Shall I start a LL thread then?


bendigoblue · 15/02/2007 12:02

I did LL in 2005 for 2 weeks before falling pregnant with my DS2, i'm now doing Cambridge.

One of the big pro's for LL is the counselling element, if you feel you have major issues with food you need to address then LL is probably the best option. Saying that, it is twice as expensive - £66 per week (i think?) compared to Cambridge (£32.55 approx).

Cambridge diet works on the same principle, but while you may be lucky and get a fantastic counsellor who is prepared to spend time with you talking about your problems, issues etc, you may equally get a naff one who pretty much just gives your stuff and turfs you out. I'm lucky, my counsellor is fab, she spends half an hour with me one on one chatting about the diet, how i'm feeling, what sort of week i've had etc, she's really good. What I don't get is the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy you get with LL. I can't afford LL which is why i'm doing Cambridge.

You do get more choice flavourwise with Cambridge which can be seen as a good or bad thing.

Either way, there are lots of us about doing both diets so always someone to give you some moral support.

Good luck with whatever you choose, you won't regret doing it! I'm 5 weeks in a 30lbs lighter, my life has changed, i've got more energy, more self confidence, i'm generally a much happier person!

Gemma x

oinker · 28/02/2007 17:15

I have been doing WW for a while now and have lost nearly 3 stone. It is very slow though.
I have had loads of problems with TTC.. 5 m/c's. I have had a year of tests etc and they have now said nothing wrong except I am overweight. This could be the factor. I have decide to TTC again in MAY and therefore want to give this a blast. I am going to the meeting tonight. I am a bit anxious. I really hope I will manage it. I did cambridge diet about 20 years ago and have put the weight back on plus more.
I havebeen putting off LL because of commitments. They never stop. I have a holiday booked in April for 12 days. Will the counsellor give advice etc about what I can do. I will be abroad so will not be taking anything with me.

oh well fingerscrossed for all of us.

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