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James Duncan diet

mrsreddington · 18/09/2016 14:21

I'm overweight...probably need to loose 4 or 5 stone in total to get my bmi in the healthy range. I had dc2 at Xmas and have lost 2st 4 on slimming world. We've just been away for a week and I know I'll have put at least 3 or 4 lb back on whilst we've been away.

I need a kick start (again Blush. My daughters christening is in 3 weeks and I'm supposed to be much thinner dammit!) so plan on doing the James Duncan diet for a week and then carrying on with slimming world. As misery loves company, I was wondering whether anyone else is doing it or has done it?

I've tried it before but never made it past day 3. I'm thinking I might stick to it better if I have people to kick me up the bum when I reach for the kids snacks...

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