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tinkerbellie · 02/02/2007 09:42

please please help me i put on two stone while pregnant with dd and now she is 16 months old and have not managed to lose it yet!!

am going on hols in may and would really like to at least lose a stone so my belly isn't hanging over my bikini bottoms (really strange have only put it on around my middle)

donlt know which diet to do (don;t have much willpower) have thought about the atkins but donlt know muchabout it, weight watchers (but is it expensive and the corn flake diet (seems quite easy)

please will someone give me some much needed advice!!

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Ladymuck · 02/02/2007 09:47

What sort of food do you enjoy eating? How mcuh cooking do you do (versus eating ready meals etc). What is your favourite form of exercise and how much do you do?

There are a huge variety of diets out there, but you need to think about your natural inclinations. Eg there is no point in doing the GI diet is you don't like cooking. If you feel that you have little will power then WW might work because you have the support of a group behind you.

wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe · 02/02/2007 09:51

IMO calory counting is the best way to go. I've lost a stone counting calories using

this site

and it has also totally changed my view of food - e.g. 100 g of chocolate contains 500 calories, so if you're trying to lose weight the calory content of a bar of chocolate is equivalent of that of a whole meal.

If you count calories you can reasonably expect to lose 2 lb a week, and tbh anything more isn't considered that healthy.

Furball · 02/02/2007 09:54

atikins is unhealthy, very unhealthy, yes it claims you loose x amount in so many days but it's mainly water you loose then and when you stop you get it back.

Weight Watchers/slimming world are only expensive if you go to class - £4-£5 a week. But There's nothing stopping you going to a class getting the info then following it yourself at home. (I'm doing slimming world this way)

Cornflake diet - easy but should only be done for 2 weeks.

heres a good site with lots of different diets, their pros and cons. The secret is to find one that can slot in easily to your life and that you can stick to.

There is one there which isn't listed and it's very healthy - it's the GI diet. If you google it it will come up with loads of info.

schneebly · 02/02/2007 09:57

agree with wannaBeWhateverIWannaBe - WLR is very good. I have used it before.

tinkerbellie · 02/02/2007 14:10

thanks every one am going to loook at that website

i don't really enjoy cooking and as i work in the evenings me and dh just seem to have whatever comes to hand
don't really do any regular exercise but have quite a manual job (which is why i thnk i have lost i everywhere apart from from my mid section)

so i think i will try the cornflake one first and see how much i lose after two weeks and if that doesn't work it will have to be the calorie counting

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