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Keep talking myself OUT of diet - anybody else?

Bonnie152 · 24/08/2016 17:03

I've recently joined slimming world and so far so good. I'm enjoying the plan when I'm in the swing of it and losing...BUT...I keep talking myself out of it and I don't know why!

About once a week I'll throw in the towel because I keep telling myself reasons why it's a bad idea. I'm the heaviest I've ever been and a size 22 so I feel that I really do need to lose weight and really want to.

This weeks reasons for giving up have been...

  • not wanting to pass on food issues to my little ones (I definitely have my food problems from my DM unfortunately and am terrified of passing them on.)
  • I should be eating the same as my children and DH.
  • low fat/artificial sugars are bad and it's better to have the full fat/normal versions.
  • diets don't work. I need to change my lifestyle.

    I'm starting to think my mind is my own worst enemy when it comes to this. Does anybody else talk themselves out of diets like this? Can anybody talk some sense into me?!
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SparklyBoots1977 · 26/08/2016 15:37

I totally understand what you mean. I've always been overweight and was bullied at school leaving me with zero confidence. However after reaching a size 26/28 in my twenties and having 2 children to look after I finally did something about it and lost 106lb. It was the hardest thing ever. Fast forward 10 years and I've regained 2 stone. I keep joining and leaving WeightWatchers and feel really crap about myself. When I'm at my lowest ebb such as after Christmas or a holiday I think that's it, I'm going back to my ww meeting and getting back to goal but after a few weeks i resent being on any kind of plan and talk myself into giving up. I use the"it's a waste of money if I'm not committed" excuse. Hopefully someone else will add a response and sort us both outGrin

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