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chocokat · 05/06/2004 18:48

Hi everyone have just been reading your messages on ww points.... great stuff! just what i need as i started ww a week and a half ago.... have just been out and bought some fab lollies and im gonna eat the box... joking aside.. keep up the good work

OP posts:
carlyb · 07/06/2004 21:46

good luck with the diet - I have just started ww as well and went out and got some fab lollys!!
any way I hope that it works out for you x

Demented · 07/06/2004 22:25

All the best to you both!

Soleros and Skinny Cow ice lollies are also great. I can't quite remember what conclusion we came to about the Soleros but I say 1 point and the Skinny Cow ones are lower in cals and fat IIRC than the Soleros.

If you want some extra encouragement come and join us at MN Mamas!

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