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Chickeb kebab really that bad?

6 replies

peachespaige · 10/01/2007 18:32

Hello, After having my son nearly 6 months ago I feel I really ought to start shifting some pounds.
However........ Ive eaten hardly anything today due to various reasons, mainly my children and rather than drink a mountain of wine Id love a chicken kebab?? Are they really that bad? Pitta bread, salad and chicken?Please say Im aloud.

OP posts:
Eddas · 10/01/2007 20:04

I don't think they are, i'd eat it!!

DH seems to think they are the best one to have if you don't want too much fat. And the chicken is grilled isn't it so I can't see the harm. Maybe the sauce would be a bit calorific!

FioFio · 10/01/2007 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

KezzaG · 10/01/2007 20:12

A chicken kebab only has 4 weight watchers points so I always think they are the best option if you want a takeaway. Definately get one.

peachespaige · 11/01/2007 18:00

Thanks for the messages. Are you talking about the chicken shish or the chicken doner? I love the chicken doner but Im certain the shish is better. Chilli sauce can help speed up your metabolism!!!

OP posts:
elclose · 11/01/2007 18:11

def sheesh doner is pure fat

chipmonkey · 11/01/2007 19:07

4 Points!!!! Is that all? Are you sure, Fio?

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